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My my, ladies, we have been very busy with our new troller friend :-P
Do you know Julia posted to our sister group and not ONE poster
answered, not ONE!
Newsgroups: alt.sewing.mach-embroider
Subject: Hello everyone.. I am new to the group and wanted to say hello...
All your posts are good and it is a real shame they are not shown on the  
list to join in a conversation :(
I have tried to fix it but I am still learning too, sorry :)
And did you know what you can do to keep the record  for the  
troller's remarks is to post the replies to our sister news group?
RH showed us all that trick! The yahoo types love to make
claims and then run away. That works for yahoo because the records are  
deleted, someday. In Usenet Google keeps the snappy remaeks forever!
So CC your post to the sister news group and what they said can be  
found and reposted any time, neat huh!
I have fixed it this time, your turn next:)
Happy Huntin' !!

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I have not the least idea whats going on here nor have I ever seen a
note to reply TO.....

Sorry for the top posting but no one needs to re-read all this yet
Apparently Julia from Julia's needles posted to the ABCP file sharing
group.  Whether you do that or not is none of my business, but it has
generated a war of words over the last couple of days.  She apparently
has posted that she works for a group, The ESPC AKA Action Tape, AKA
amazing designs and others, that is going after people who share
designs, and is also a member of a group that while not supporting the
sharing of said designs, does not agree with the extortion tactics of
the ESPC et al.  They assume all are guilty and demand a payment of
anywhere from $300 to 500 to NOT prosecute.  
The question to her was how can you do both. So far there has been no
answer.  I am careful to purchase from dealers who do not subscribe to
the ESPC....just because of the way they have conducted themselves.
I have no problem with people protecting their rights, just the way
the ESPC does it.
 ABCP is also where you can get something digitized if you want.
Those guys are great and very talented. They do it for free and I am
awaiting some logos for my family now.
After seeing all this I did go to Julia's site and while her stuff is
ok, I like more 'real' designs less cartoonish, less jump snitches and
colour changes, more detail,  I did notice that she has some things
called 'Native' which were quite distressing to see.  Our images and
'Icons' as she calls them are of a religious and spiritual nature to
our culture.  It was horrible to see them so poorly portrayed and
offered for sale.  Like a mockery of our culture.  Very upsetting.  I
had hoped we were beyond the Indian jokes by now.
But in a nutshell that is what is going on. Nothing to be too
concerned about here probably just posted to stir up trouble.  

On 8 Feb 2007 07:12:35 -0800, ""

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Do you mind!!, Hanna! Read before you jump all over my posting!!
I have explained why the CC to this group but no, as you yahoo
types have to make the habit you think for all us poor dumbos in
posting YOUR version! An interpretation that is all cocked up!
Put links to messages and let US decide rather than yet another
of your long winded misconstrued fantasies!
I post to keep the record, not to make trouble. You have a
problem with that, mail me.

On Sat, 10 Feb 2007 09:30:04 +0100, sewcat

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Sorry I did not see your post un till later, and then I did not really
understand, I was just trying to explain things the way I understood
them.  Again I apologize Hanna and will try to read everything first.

On Feb 10, 7:43 pm, FAE <me> wrote:
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I haven't read any of it--the original but from the attitude dispersed
by response I don't want to.  If all that can come out of any
discussion is * you have a problem with that, email me" sounds a
grouch first class. No thanks..

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You loudmouths who read nothing and yet feel empowered to
comment (on anything) really do slay me...Bigtime!
Are you that stupid in RL also?

Wait..! Do not answer that...puuuuurLeeese!



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To make a difference can be difficult. Thx for trying :)

Bless us ALL with:

Quoted text here. Click to load it had to be reading the NG the post was originally made in
(ABCP), Mary Lou :-)
Also, "CC" is not the ummm "correct" terminology for Usenet. there is
no Carbon Copy function in a newsreader. What <sewcat> meant (and did
do) was add <absm-e> to the Groups header. This is perfectly
acceptable use of Cross Posting for what <sewcat> intended to do.

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Just again demonstrates your lack of comprehension, of anything
you do,, Hanna :-p
Again (maybe the 100th lesson in so many days), you could have simply
edited(snipped) and added your comments at the bottom so the
conversation 'flows'. It was good enough for the person you
respond to to do it in consideration of others....why not you?

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If you had bothered to read what <sewcat> posted you
would have the explanation:-/ The lady(?) made one small
mistake...leaving XNA on, I have now fixed that so that
her intention for posting can be preserved.

Hanna, do try and control your 'mouth' whilst coming to an
understanding of how Usenet works. As well intended as some of your
posts are they lose value by introducing information that is
misleading and/or poorly posting is included in that




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Thx for fixing my mistake RH, I will try to remember
to shek no archive next time :)

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