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Too easy to answer that one..BUSINESS.
Fact.. "business people" lie, constantly(in the holistic sense of that word). In
fact they
do many more 'bad things' to retain the patronage of Joe Public. They even form
other 'businesses' to "lie" for them, all set to mislead Joe Public. Take five
to check
out the Software Alliance organisations as just one example of that activity.

There is your answer buuut there is another reason for my response to your
I have received email from a long term member [ABCP] regarding the appearance of
email that was highly critical of the way the whole Julia Saga was handled by
in the threads. I sought background from yet another long term member and
received no
response. Taking that as a "Buggered if I know" I went looking myself.
I have spent some time combing through the whole Julia Saga, including gaining
anonymous SSL tunnel to the JuliaNeedles Yahoon Froup.

I came to 2 (two) conclusions.

1. JuliaNeedles is running a business, no different to thousands of other "two
digitisers"(sic) who have and do run these online homey type forums.
You accept "the Business" as part of contributing to those forums or you leave  
that scene well alone. Your choice, no one forces anyone to sign up for these  
Group Hugs.
FWIW I found (from cruising that forum) that JN is one of the more liberal of
these types
of forums and I am of the opinion the person emailing me is wrong in their claim
Dictatorial status, being most likely one of the "disgruntled" that Julia speaks
of in
posts to that Froup.
That said..IF you sign up for these Froups and then use the same details in
posts to
UseNET NGs like ABCP, expect to "get into trouble", you have none to blame but
yourself as
there is ample warning given here in FAQs about staying anonymous, everywhere:/

As it is topical to the reasons Julia began trolling this NG I have included
below just a
part of discussion on copyright available on the JN Yahoon Froup. Seems very
plain to me
the ground rules are laid out?

$$__re: copyrights  
$$__--- In, "hollys
$$__> I want to be sure I get this right. I can sell or give away the
$$__>things I put the design on as long as I don't sell the design Is
$$__>that right??? I don't sell things right now, but I have a feeling
$$__>when I make a bag for this friend to carry some people are going to
$$__>ask to buy one.
$$__HI Holly I have this information on my website. It is very liberal
$$__and simple. Here is the link..
$$__>You can sell things you make as long as they aren't copyrighted characters
$$__>like Disney designs, or cartoon characters, etc., basically anything you

$$__>see in the movies or on TV. If in doubt, ask the person who did the actual
$$__>digitizing, or check out their website, usually their policy is stated on

$$__>website. Other than copyrighted characters, in general MOST digitizers
allow you

$$__>to sell the items you stitch, although if you get into mass production many

$$__>have limits on quantity.
$$__>Cathy Clark
$$__In addition to this excellent advice, I would like to add my humble opinion
$$__most reputable digitizers are only too willing to reiterate their copyright
$$__policies to their buyers. If you bought the design from someone who won't
$$__answer your questions, don't take a chance in embroidering that design on an
$$__item to sell!

2. The whole of the Julia Saga was handled as a Troll Fest, again... completely
in impact on the function of this NG. Disappointing as it was to see a very few
members participate after the standard welcome was issued,, their contribution
was minimal
and understandable. It is the sudden appearance of "Unknowns" that had me
scratching my
head. Do the yards yourself and go figure just where these nyms popped
is not
difficult to see a pattern from this lot:
<master of disaster>, <im>, <maria>, <sonotquilted>, <georgia>,
<round n round we go>, <noone>.
Then we have some irregular contributors:
<snicklefritz> - a well recognised Sock of Gymmy Bob//JP Bengi
<sew&sew> - identified as a waste of space at the first post I predict  
        we wont be seeing this one again, I feel a nym switch coming on.
<NoMailForMeAThaha.nono>- well we all know Frank likes a giggle, so no harm

The others I wont name here, you know who you are and maybe will take heed  
next time this type of crap starts and keep well out of it. When the nym
appearing is
unknown AND passively aggressive in structure of comment..leave the thread/post  
alone. We will ALL benefit in the long run.

In closing, from the JN Yahoon Froup I found discussion that was also mentioned  
here in the trolling posts. I include that below and Xpost the whole post to our
Sister NG
as I do believe this is the type of discussion these NGs could well be used for.
As none
of the alt hierarchy Groups are censored in any way it is only here that
reasonable folk
can air their opinion on work they have either purchased or been given as a
Discussion works for other NGs and with the exception of the "quick to get
nasty" types it
should be an active part of these NGs.
Think about it.


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