Re: Obama says he will CUT Social Security on O'Reilly factor interview

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Rick Wrote:

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Rick responded:
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So Rick, I'm so glad to hear that you decided to 'refrain and reform'.

First off, I did not start this thread.
I participated in the resulting discussions and sharing
of ideas with others on 'issues'.  Like everyone else who
posted in this thread, we all have an equal right to our
individual opinions, views and understandings on issues,
whether they are the similar or different.

Your =91taking a poke with a sharp stick=92 (as in hunting down other
newsgroups I have posted to and cross posting your attacking and
admittedly 'blood pressure up' statements was uncalled for.

It would be equally 'big' of you to apologize to these other
newsgroups for your =91blood pressure up=92 post as well.  Your statement
about =92even inviting others=92 (in the newsgroups you cross posted to)
was not humorous.  They have even less of an idea than I as to who,
what and why you were raving.

God bless America.

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