Re Software for Toyota expert 850 and user instructions

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Hi there...........I'm a new embroidery person and I've just bought a
Toyota expert 850 from someone else and have some questions that I
need some help with.

I've tried to load on the expert software from aisin and when I go to
export to the toyota machine, it is coming up with the error that it
is a view only version.......the girl that I bought it from has also
given me the "dongle", so I have been assured that it is the full

Also, I have the embroidery office 7 (sierra) software, but it only
goes through the set up, so far and then stops...........Can anyone
shed any light on why these things may be happening......I'm trying
hard to read through all the manuals........but although I am used to
sewing, this is the first industrial and embroidery machine that I
have used............I'm not too bad at IT, so hopefully I should pick
up what you say, fairly quickly.

Kind Regards

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