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Today we were having a tornado alert.  The logical response was to take a
nap so I did.  Meanwhile . . . I had mentioned to DH that my Brother PE 770
too frequently complained of thread breaking.  I wondered ( to him, alas)
that maybe there was a thread snarl in the general area of the uptake lever
and how I wished I could open it up and take a look.
    Lesson learned.  Never take a nap - or never mention such problems.
    After nap, DH proudly showed me that he had easily taken the Brother
apart and there was no thread snarl.
    End of story:  the thread spool halted and stalled every time it wound
down to the base.
    Happy ending.  DH was easily able to re-assemble the Brother.  I was
calmly able to toss the crabby spool.
    No need for you to reply.  Just thought I'd tell you about our venture.
Sometimes it is not the embroidery machine or the operator at fault.
Sometimes (this time) the thread spool is tightly poorly sloppily wound.

Re: Really, really scare you

On 4/25/2010 12:02 AM, Polly Esther wrote:
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I've been experiencing that also, but mostly on denser designs.  I have a
feeling that it might have something to do with the heat being generated by
friction that is "melting" the polyester fibers.

I read that if you have thread that keeps breaking, put it in a plastic bag
and then in freezer for a while.  No more breakage.  I haven't tried it
yet, because our freezer is not in the house.

BTW, I also have a PE-770.  I love it!

Pat Harper

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