Saving more than one image to D-Card

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I have 4D & the 4D d-card reader/writer kit, and I am trying to load
embroidery designs on the Husqvarna 4d reader writer for Platinum Plus on
the personal D card. This card has 30 different numbers 1-30 on it which
would indicate you can load 30 different designs on the card but when I
attempt to load multiples it will not do it. It only loads 1 design and
when I try to add another it tells me that previous design will be
deleted. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.  Thank you.

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Re: Saving more than one image to D-Card
On 2/29/2012 4:38 PM, kbryan wrote:
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I don't know that specific combination, but I recall that a (MUCH)
earlier Viking program required that you load all the designs at once
onto the card. If my memory isn't playing tricks, in order to ADD a
design to a card you had to open the card with the reader/writer
software, display the card contents, add your new design to the display,
and then re-write to the card. And we then got the message that
everything on the card would be deleted (which is ok, since you're
putting it back).

  - Herb

Re: Saving more than one image to D-Card
On 2012/03/01 03:54 AM, Herb wrote:
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It is scary when it tells you that everything on the card will be
deleted, but it does then replace it with everything displayed on the
screen.  I must admit, I've had more problems doing what I want with the
3D than I had with the original system, and have never had anyone to
help physically.

Now I have the ultimate problem!  After moving house recently I have
been unable to find the dongle for the 3D system!  I know nothing can be
done short of buying another new software programme, which is out of the
question, but I just need some sympathy.  I know I put it in a safe
place for moving, but at almost 80 my memory is not so good, and I'm
afraid it may have disappeared for ever.

I have the machine, a card with some designs on it, and a locked up
programme on the pc, which can't be accessed without that dongle!  Oh,
and the nearest agent to get any help from is the other side of a very
large city, so I can't even buy new designs on a card!

Joyce in RSA.

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