sewing or embroidering an edge on fleece blankets

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I'm just starting to sew again after about 25-30 years and bought a
used Babylock Elageo 3 which is a combo machine.  I've been playing
with it to get the feel for the machine but want to get a couple of
quick projects done for a new grandbaby arriving in the next couple of

I've gotten several pieces of lightweight fleece to make blankets from
and I would like to do a simple edge, no binding, for several of them
but I'm not sure about how to place to stabalizers.  I think it's
supposed to be tear away on the bottom and something water soluable on
the top?  Is this correct?

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreaciated.

I haven't asked the person I bought the machine from yet but will do
that right now and then check back.



Re: sewing or embroidering an edge on fleece blankets
Congrats on the new machine.  On fleece, I use two layers of tearaway at the
back and water soluable topping film.    If the fleece is 14oz or more, I
use two layers of topping film otherwise the stiches appear sunken.   Most
people I've talked to recommended cutaway for the back but I have found this
doesn't look very nice on the back of a blanket.   I never hoop the fleece
as it will result in hoop burn.  I hoop the stabilizer and use 505 on top of
it to secure the fleece.

Hope this helps,

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Re: sewing or embroidering an edge on fleece blankets
G'day Pamela

I'm in the process of doing embroidery on two fleece blankets at the
moment.  The cream one is Minkee fleece and it's absolutely gorgeous, so
soft and cuddly!!  I always hoop the fleece and never had a problem with
hoop burn.....I think this happens when you tighten the thumbscrew on
the fleece too much.  Under the fleece I floated two pieces of tearaway,
normally I use one layer but the tearaway I had on hand was a thin one,
therefore I used two layers.  On the top I use Solvy.

These latest ones will have bias binding made from nice soft quilter's
cotton but for some I've just turned in a hem (all around) and stitched
a row of hemstitching in a contrast colour thread, and on others I've
done a rolled hem on my overlocker (serger) but on these I round-off the

They are fun to make and look really nice when finished and great for a
cool winter's night that we'll be having very soon.

Bronwyn ;-)

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