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Just wondering if anyone else is using the smart box.  If you are I was
wondering if you could help me?

I keep getting the error message that it cannot access the port.  I have
went to the web site and followed the instructions, but still no luck.  This
is very frustrating as I am unable to sew and really have to get some more
Christmas presents done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Re: Simplicity Smart Box
Generally that message comes up when there is a conflict between a
hardware or software device that is accessing the port that you have
set for your converter box.

Have you added any new hardware or software to your computer since you
last used your box?  Examples of things this might include would be a
new modem, a camera that connects to the serial port (though most new
ones don't anymore), an item intended to be used with a kids game,
(like the barbie genie bottle), or software that uses your
communications ports, like different internet access.  If so, that
could be causing it.  

Have you used your box before, and did it work correctly?

I don't have the Simplicity box, I have the Amazingbox, but I had the
same error message come up once.  When it happened, I went in under
"Options" and for Port, I selected "first available", and it stopped
giving me that message.


 On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 22:32:29 GMT, "Who Cares"

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Re: Simplicity Smart Box
No new hardware or software have been loaded.

Yes I have used it before and it worked fine, just started doing this all of
the sudden.

Tried the first available thing and still no go.

I appreciate you trying to help me but I'm open to any other suggestions
that may be out there.

Thanks again.

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Re: Simplicity Smart Box
Okay, so we have a stubborn problem then.  Sometimes your best bet on
something like this is to work on the absolute basics.  Have you tried
shutting down your computer, unplugging the power to your Smart Box
(leaving it unplugged for at least a full minute), plugging it back in
and then restarting your computer?

If you have, or if that doesn't work, you might want to check this
website out and see if it helps at all:

Also, I know this sounds stupid, but it's not really.  Make SURE your
box's power cord is connected to the power and to the box, and make
sure your usb cable is connected to the smart box and to the computer.
A lot of people get offended when I suggest things like that, but I
worked for a large cable internet company doing tech support and you
would be *shocked* at the number of people who fought with me over
checking those things, but after giving in and checking found
something unplugged.

Good Luck!



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Re: Simplicity Smart Box
Tried everything that you have suggested, before I posted the help message.
I did try again after I read your post.  Still doesn't work.


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