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hi everyone,

I am planning to start a small embroidery sewing business, designing
embroideries, then stitching them to ready-made t-shirts, towels, caps etc.

I am looking at the Singer Futura CE200 (or similar budget machines)
plus Embird software for the job, whereby my weekly target is to get
about 200 pcs of t-shirts done for small jobs.

200 pcs of logo in front of the tshirt
200 pcs of company name at the back of tshirt
200 pcs of emblem/logo on the sleeve of the tshirt

That should be make it 600 hoops/stitching each week, 120 a day or 15 an
hour. Is that possible? Comments and suggestions are welcomed. I am a

regards, Gerald

PS. Tajima is way over my budget.

Re: Small business

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I am also new at this, just got a Designer SE but 15 an hour sounds very
ambitious. They take time to make, time to hoop, time to cut threads and
time to change colors.  You would, at a bare minimum have to buy extra hoops
so you could have the next project "ready to go".

Re: Small business
You are dreaming. You might get 15 per hr done if all you are doing
are the same initials. Otherwise you will be lucky to get 4 per hr
with a single head machine. Especially if you have to change designs
each time. Then there's the digitizing time. Embird is a bit on the
clunky side with a slow learning curve. I'd recommend at least 6
machine heads for a commercial venture.

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 10:43:02 -0600, "Kirsten Sollie"

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Re: Small business
Have to agree.  totally. You MIGHT make a very small business with a
single needle.. but it's gonna take more than that to really go.
Mary Lou

On Jan 24, 10:35 am, Riteous Right Reverend Mahmoud Bin Changstein
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Re: Small business
Thanks for the comments.
Looks like I have to go back to the drawing board.
Any suggestions for entry level business machine?
Also, suggestions for software? I hear Wilcom Pro. is good.


milady wrote:
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Re: Small business

Hi Gerald -

To answer your questions...

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Not a good choice for a business.  Even for home use it's a bit on the
lightweight side.
You'll be unlikely to get 200 pcs done before it needs repairs.

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Even with a commercial machine that's a lot of work in one hour.
That's 4 minutes per sewout.  The CE200 TOP SPEED is
Meaning your designs would have to be less than 2,400 stitches
if the machine ran at full spped all the time - which they don't.

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