Special Club 100 Bonus @ BFC !

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NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. Be sure to collect all the prior free
designs on the design set pages!

CLUB 100 BONUS: For every $60 of your total orders dated Sept 25, 26
or 27 a $10 credit will be added to your Club 100 account.There are no
restrictions on what you purchase, so you can buy items on sale and
get the Bonus too. If you have already purchased today, those orders
will be added in to determine if you meet the $60 total order. These
bonuses will be credited by next Monday.

*WINDOW - SANTA CLAUS* by Fred  Another gorgeous traditional Santa
complete with steaming Plum Pudding.

*STAINED GLASS PHEASANT* A companion to our stained glass parrot.
These two sets are done in the same colors so you can create a
matching pair.

*VINTAGE HALLOWEEN DANCE* On the night of Witches and Goblins, the
Queen watches over her subjects as they dance the night away.

*WINDOW - NAUGHTY OR NICE* Fred has created another gorgeous Santa for
your Holiday stitching.

*COLOR SKETCHES - SHELLS* Elegant shells for any project.

*COLOR SKETCHES - AUTUMN LEAVES* A set of realistic autumn leaves that
can be done in fall colors or greens for summer leaves.

*STAINED GLASS PARROT* A large parrot with no visible seams! It is
done in the Art Nouveau style and we have used traditional colors, but
he could be done in so many different color combinations. It is also
appropriate to stitch on organza for a true window look. Full
instructions to easily assemble your project. (Great beginning windows

*A MOSAIC - PEACE* by Fred A beautiful kaleidoscope of colors in a
small mosaic picture with optional borders. Perfect for framing or as
you can see on the page it makes a great tote!.

*WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - ITALY* This set is now complete and no longer
on Pre Pay pricing. If you have purchased, be sure to download the new
Thread Conversion chart and Ideas for Assembly doc too. Thank you!

New Sales End next Tuesday 12:01AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night)
Cornucopia Designs
Autumn Leaves
Stained Glass - After The Flood
Scandinavian Designs
Window - Tiger
Window - Grapes

Sales Ending Next Tuesday
 All Sales End Tuesday 12:01AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night)
Stained Glass Parrot
A Mosaic - Peace

BFC Stash - for Admelody rayon and poly thread http://www.BFC-Stash.com
- you can download BFC design set thread lists and free designs
Thanks, Kerrie askkerrie@BFC-Creations.com

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