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If you have a design that has more than one layer of stitching, try using a
metallic thread on the first layer to stitch.  A little of the sparkle will
peek through and give a very interesting effect.

NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on introductory pricing (except fun sets)
and all have free samples. You can see them here:


*STAINED GLASS - THE PEACOCK* Suz really should have named this set
*Portrait of a Peacock* as you'll see when you look at the page.  This set
is designed for both regular thread and metallics (you get the lists of both
types). Suz is also including instructions for several methods of assembly
and doing her sample all on one piece of fabric - no seams!

*WINDOWS - FLORAL FANTASY* by Fred Gorgeous brilliant colors make a wall
hanging suitable for any room! Fred has added two more designs and the
Fantasy is starting to really come together!

*ART NOUVEAU UNDERWATER*  Done in one of Suz favorites styles, this is a fun
collection of underwater creatures to use individually or put together in a
scene - great for upcoming summer clothes and linens!

*STAINED GLASS SUNSET*  by Fred A beautiful picture of a sunset - it's
colors glow.

*ROSE COTTAGE DESIGNS*  Because our Windows - Rose Cottage set was so
popular, we thought some of you might enjoy using the designs from it
without having to make an entire picture.

*STAINED GLASS - NATIVE AMERICAN FAREWELL* This set is now complete and we
will be re-sending links to everyone. In the meantime you can use your
original links to get all the designs.

*SOUTHWESTERN QUILTABLES* Another in the Quiltables series. You can see my
frame on the top of the page to help you with ideas. And we have posted the
finished project using this set on the Stained Glass - Native American
Farewell page.

*** *** NEW SALES ***  *** Go off sale 12:01 AM Tuesdays

In honor of having BFC again featured this month on the cover of the
Australian magazine, Machine Embroidery, we are offering more quilt squares
for sale. These are the last Quilt Squares to go on sale - next week there
will be other type designs on sale.

Victorian Crazy Quilt Squares Small
Victorian Crazy Quilt Squares Medium
Victorian Crazy Quilt Squares Large  NEW SALE

*** Sales ending 12:01 AM 05-23-06  ***
  Rose Cottage Designs
  Stained Glass Sunsets
  Southwestern Quiltables


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