Still trying!

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I've tried everything to get the pes. file into 3D organiser in order to
convert it, even putting it on a cd, but it won't allow it to be shown.  It
just says "Unrecognised file format".

There's no way I can convert it until I can import it, so what next?  There
must be something I should be doing before trying to get it, but I can't
imagine what.

It also seems to cause the system to stop responding when I try to do
anything about importing it.
Joyce in RSA.

Re: Still trying!
Joyce wrote:

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It sounds like you might have a bad file.  You could either post it on
a website or attach it to a message in
and we can check it out for you (and even do the conversion if it's a
good file).

By the way, it's   .pes   not pes.

- Herb

Re: Still trying!
Thanks for all the input.  I'm going to try splitting and resizing another
file first - I'd forgotten I might be able to do that now, instead.

Binaries is such a lot to download, when dial-up is the only option.

Joyce in RSA.

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