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Does anyone have any idea about the thread from WalMart?  Is it poor
quality?  I'm running a MC9700, and everytime I put in Walmart  thread
(particularly red and green)  I have a disaster--jamming the bobbin,
breaking thread, etc  I have absolutely no problem with Madiera.  Anyone had
similar problems?



Re: Thread
Jon, it could be one of several reasons....or a combination!

Have you reduced the speed of your machine?
Fitted a new needle?
Clear the thread path of any remnants of thread, specially in the
tension discs?
Do you use the horizontal spool pin?  Embroidery thread is better in the
vertical position and at a distance from the machine....I use a single
cone thread stand.
Are there any burrs on the bobbin case or P foot as these will cause

Try these for starters and see how you go.
Bronwyn ;-)

Jon wrote:
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Re: Thread
I have never purchased thread from Wal-Mart, except the Coats & Clark for
regular sewing.  In my 9-YO Pfaff embroidery machine, I only use high
quality threads, such as Madeira, Gutterman, etc. and have never had a
problems.  If Madeira  works well, why trust your machine to handle other
threads that are less expensive?  I always compare the sewing machine to an
automobile; using an inexpensive, off brand gas can possibly cause havoc
with a car.  There are several other things that may cause these problems
with your machine, like HC suggested, but it sounds like the thread is the

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