trouble with newsreader?

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The last post I have for this group is 12/17. Could this be correct? Are you
guys so busy sewing you don't have time to post?
I am hoping to go buy my machine this week or next week. Then you won't hear
much from me either.

Kirsten Sollie

Re: trouble with newsreader?
There have been many posts since 12/17, including several from me, bragging
about my new BabyLock Ellageo, that DS surprised me with Christmas morning.
I am going to send this forward to you privately and see if you receive it.
What kind of machine are you going to buy?
DS took me to Katy Mills Mall-about 15 miles from our home last weekend; we
hadn't been there in quite a while and I enjoyed it, especially the
restaurant near Books-A-Million and buying our new calendars in the
bookstore.  Had I known how to get in touch, I would liked to have you join
us, I do hope we can get together before you go back home.  I'd love seeing
the girls, they look like such young ladies.
Emily, who lives near Barker Cypress & Hiway 290.

Re: trouble with newsreader?
I find I am not receiving all posts to this group either. This is the only
post from you that I find.Any suggestions what I might try?

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Re: trouble with newsreader?
Get a new news provider service. The only thing that gets rid of posts
or does not post them is your news provider.

Try a cheapo account at for $3.95??? If you like it pay
monthly and get the premium service. It has been fairly reliable the
last few months.

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Re: trouble with newsreader?
Hi Emily,
I was at the Katy Mills Mall last Saturday. The place was mobbed but my
mother who was visiting was able to find some clothes at the Liz Claiborne
It would be nice to meet one day.  I am not sure what machine I am going to
buy, thought about checking out the store on Mason rd. just north of I-10. I
have looked at the memory craft by Janome and the Husqvarna designer 1 but
there are so many different kinds. I want a machine with a USB port but do
not want to spend $6000. I don't know if this is possible.  I am open to
suggestions. A neighbor of mine has a Husqvarna, one of the flowers, that
embroiders. I am going to try out her machine to get a feel for it.
I suddenly received all the posts I have been missing. Very strange!

Kirsten Sollie
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