Using embird with Smart Media cards

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Hello there!
I have an Elna Xquisit, which uses the older smart media cards. I was told
that I can use Embird to write designs to those cards. However, the Embird
version that I have is "Embird Plus V8 Build 6". There is nowhere within
my software that allows me to write to smart media, so now I am thinking
that the version I have is too old. If this is the case, does anyone know
which version I should upgrade to...I ONLY want to use Embird for writing
to smart media cards and converting embroidery file formats. Would the
next version up from mine rectify this issue? Any info would be extremely
Thanks very much,

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Re: Using embird with Smart Media cards
tucantango wrote:
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This has nothing to do with Embird, but with your computer.

All you need is that your computer has either:

  A slot that accepts the SM card
  An add-on device that can read such a card.

It will look to your system, and to Embird, as just another disk drive, with its
own assigned drive letter. That is, instead of being C: like your system drive,
or whatever your CD drive letter is (such as D: or E:), it will have its own

Then, in Embird (or any other application) if you want to save to it, you select
that drive in the "Save As" dialog.

If your computer doesn't have the appropriate slot built-in, external
card-readers are inexpensively available that connect to one of the usb slots on
your system. Google for "external card reader".

- Herb

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