Window - Flamingo Paradise @ BFC !

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sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. Be sure to collect all the prior free
designs on the design set pages!

*WINDOW - FLAMINGO PARADISE*  Suz drew this set from several
photographs sent to her by Kathy, a BFC customer. Suz loved all the
vibrant colors!

*WINDOW - THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS* by Fred  You can't help but smile when
you see this pair! Great for all the cat lovers on your list.

*KINETIC CIRCLES* Kinetic energy is the extra energy created by an
object in motion. These circle designs reminded me of it as I was
creating them! With no jumps they are great for quilt blocks and all
kinds of projects - some would make great snowflakes.

*AN AUTUMN COLLAGE* by Fred  Beautiful Fall colors in 3 *pictures in a

*CHINESE INDIGO QUILT SETS* Five separate sets to mix and match for a
Chinese Indigo Batik quilt. It is thought by many that all the Batik
we see today stems from the early 5th century Chinese Indigo Batik.
The sets include blocks, borders, corners, a centerpiece and Quilt in
the Hoop versions.

*WINDOW - SANTA CLAUS* by Fred  Another gorgeous traditional Santa
complete with steaming Plum Pudding.

*STAINED GLASS PHEASANT* A companion to our stained glass parrot.
These two sets are done in the same colors so you can create a
matching pair.

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Freestanding Lace Bowl & Doily Fanciful Cockatoo
Freestanding Lace Sculpture - The Rose
Freestanding Lace Sculpture - Iris
Freestanding Lace Sculpture - Poinsettias
Native American Symbols
Fantasy by Fred Makalinaw

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