Window - Lady with Peacock Feathers and Fairy Garden @ BFC !

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Try saving the empty roll from paper towels. When you buy interfacing,
stabilizer or even fabric, you can easily roll it on these rolls.
For instance, try using 2 rolls end to end to neatly store 12 yards of
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES.

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*WINDOW - LADY WITH PEACOCK FEATHERS*  by Fred  A beautiful evocative

*FAIRY GARDEN* by LMD Designs  Lena Marie has done the artwork and
digitized the designs for a delightful set!

*WINDOW - ORCHIDS AND THE HUMMINGBIRD* A hummingbird watches over lush
tropical flowers and foliage. This Window comes in Small, Medium and

.*WINDOW - THE HORSE* by Fred  A portrait of a horse with the sun
highlighting his face. A wonderful gift for the horse lovers in  your
life. :)

*STAINED GLASS - THE RESURRECTION*  A Stained Glass window to stitch
with or without the black background (use black fabric and save LOTS
of stitches!!) Also comes with an appropriate optional Bible Verse

*VINTAGE EASTER - With Postcards too* Adorable Vintage Easter designs
that comes as regular designs in 3 sizes and also a set of postcards!

*WINDOW - SNOW LEOPARD*  by Fred  Another gorgeous cat added to Fred's
Big Cat series of Windows.

*CELTIC MEDLEY* A group of Celtic designs from a Cross to a Celtic
Horse for accents or to make a whole quilt! Sample shown of a possible
quilt arrangement.

*PUFFINS* Realistic Puffins in all kinds of poses. These little guys
look like clowns dressed up in their Tuxedos!

*VINTAGE TRAVEL POSTERS* Fun posters to make throws, totes and
clothing! There are 9 Travel Posters and 9 *mini* posters that you can
use to add any destination you like.

*WINDOW - EAGLE* by Fred  A proud eagle portrait against black. It
would make a wonderful gift for families with loved ones overseas.

now over for these sets and I will credit bonuses this week.

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