Window - The Horse @ BFC !

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If you're having trouble stitching a free standing lace design, try
one layer of film type water soluble stabilizer (like Badgemaster)
and one layer of fiber type (like Vilene). The film will help hold
everything firmly in the hoop and the Vilene will prevent any tearing
of the film.
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES.

Be sure to check our sales! Lots will be ending this coming Monday
night. And this will be the last few days to get the bonus for buying
both Oriental Lace Sets.

*WINDOW - THE HORSE* by Fred A portrait of a horse with the sun
highlighting his face. A wonderful gift for the horse lovers in your
life. :)

*STAINED GLASS - THE RESURRECTION* A Stained Glass window to stitch
with or without the black background (use black fabric and save LOTS
of stitches!!) Also comes with an appropriate optional Bible Verse

*VINTAGE EASTER - With Postcards too* Adorable Vintage Easter
designs that comes as regular designs in 3 sizes and also a set of
postcards!(can be bought separately and comes with the complete set)

*WINDOW - SNOW LEOPARD* by Fred Another gorgeous cat added to Fred's
Big Cat series of Windows.

*CELTIC MEDLEY* A group of Celtic designs from a Cross to a Celtic
Horse for accents or to make a whole quilt! Sample shown of a
possible quilt arrangement.

*PUFFINS* Realistic Puffins in all kinds of poses. These little guys
look like clowns dressed up in their Tuxedos! A sample wall hanging
is on the page to give you some ideas.

*VINTAGE TRAVEL POSTERS* Fun posters to make throws, totes and
clothing! There are 9 Travel Posters and 9 *mini* posters that you
can use to add any destination you like.

*WINDOW - EAGLE* by Fred A proud eagle portrait against black. It
would make a wonderful gift for families with loved ones overseas.

*ORIENTAL LACE - FLORA* A companion set to Oriental Lace - Fauna.
Bonus for buying both sets!

*POSTCARD KIT* by Barbara Del Duco A set of postcards for 5x7 and 4x4
hoops! You get instructions on how to customize these post cards for
lots of variety.

*WINDOW - LION* by Fred A magnificent companion to Fred's Tiger! This
one even comes in 4x4 size.

*ORIENTAL LACE - FAUNA* A set of designs to stitch on fabric, organza
or tulle. Cranes, a tiger, a dragonfly and more. No jumps for quick
and easy stitching. There will be a companion set next Tuesday of
Oriental Floral designs. A BONUS for buying both sets. Can be used
for everything from quilts to sun catchers!

New Sales - Ends Next Tuesday 12:01 AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night)

Freestanding Lace Bowl & Doily - Cardinals
Under the Sea Quiltables
Fantasy Horses
Stained Glass - Chinese Lady and the Horse
Stained Glass - Native American Farewell
Intro Pricing Ending
Ends Next Tuesday 12:01 AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night)
Oriental Lace - Flora
Postcard Kit
Oriental Lace - Fauna
Window - Lion


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