Windows 7 software issues????

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For those who manage their personal computer and
those who have their desktop shared with the
"Home Guru" I offer this advice ---> Subscribe to:
Read that newsgroup regularly and take on board
the comments there. Pretty much every Windows
guru around Usenet is posting there.. and the usual
lapdog 'fans' that follow those guys (n) gals around.
Always remember... your problem is going to also be
experienced by others. Read the group and you are
sure to find comment on the problem you are having.

Do avoid "Windows Forums" and "The Cloud" as
information sources. These are plainly shill froups for
Microsoft, in other words.. you get the same bias
(and lack of crucial info) as you will get from a MS
'Help' file.

One significant and clear problem is in using WLM to
post text to newsgroups. It is worse broken than MSOE
ever was!
One poster has recently linked to screen-dumps as

Please consider NOT posting text to ABCP with your
newly unwrapped Windows 7 computer.

thank you.


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