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I often wonder what other's glass is like.  I just made a site.  Some
of my glass is at http://hometown.aol.com/baswolfe/index.html

John Bassett

Re: a site
Interesting.  Looks like some good choices for the material.  Always being
prepared for glass that isn't compatible with other stuff and tears the
design apart.
What are you using for the opaque red-orange material?

Mike Firth
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Re: a site
The red is Olympic Color R-142 red frit. You're right, compatibility is
a big issue with recycled glass. Some of mine is glued on base sheets
with Hxtal.


Re: a site
Very imaginative, unique. i am impressed. I get so sick of seeing everybody
doing the same old crap. Where are you marketing your work?  m

Re: a site
Marketing is too strong a word. I do open studios and sometimes have a
show. I'm a semi retired carpenter and had the luxury of not relying on
my glass for income. I've a show coming at the DeBlois Gallery in
Newport, RI this September, which is why I finally made a site.


Re: a site
Very interesting. I like it. I wish I could click on the pics and get a
larger image so I could see the detail better.


Re: a site
I'm not up to making a better site.  The best I can do is email images.


Re: a site

good reading and nice peices.


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