Etching a complex design

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I have started some simple glass etching, and right now I am simply
using Armour Etch on top of contact paper. I trace a design onto the
contact paper, and then cut out areas out with a razor. It's
rudimentary, but it works. However, the design can only be cut so
finely before I either go insane or the contact paper stops sticking.
Does anyone know of some (DIY) methods of etching a more complex
design? Are there some photo-sensitive etch-resist substances I can
use, similar to the emulsion in screen printing maybe?

Re: Etching a complex design wrote:
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I've not tried etching glass but have done printed circuit boards and
copper sheet using a spray on UV sensitive resist such as
. You would have to try it to see if it was OK with your etchant. Easy
to use for DIY and you can either buy a developing solution or a mild
solution of caustic soda can be used. Exposure can be done in sunlight
but I bought the UV flourescent lamps and made an exposure unit. Once I
just bought a UV flourescent lamp and fitted it into a handheld stick
light and waved it over the top .

Another option might be some of the methods used for producing PCBs from
laser  prints. Try googling "pcb laser print" or . Mega also do this .

Re: Etching a complex design
on Fri, 16 May 2008 18:14:39 -0700 (PDT),, wrote:
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  I did some etching using rubber cement as a resist
some years back.  I don't recall the exact step-by-step
but the reason I went to rubber cement was for better
detail than contact paper/tape was providing.

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  One of the better known manufacturers: /

  search-term  "photoresist" for more.  

Re: Etching a complex design
Steve Ackman wrote:
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I have not tried rubber cement yet, but I believe it works.
You can scibe it with a sharpened toothpick when it is still wet.
That way you can etch fine liens on clear.
If you want the other way round, clear lines on matte background,
you may try painting hot wax with a fine brush.


Re: Etching a complex design
On May 16, 6:14=A0pm, wrote:
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Try using an actual sandblasting resist, a much better adhesive than
contact paper...Venture makes several that you should be able to get
at any stained glass shop. You can use photo resist if you have the
equipment. Just Google photo-resist.

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