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Do most people that do beading make their own glass beads, or do they just
buy them?


Re: glass beads

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I'd guess Buy (based upon the few peopel I've known who've done either),
esp. depending upon what kind of beading you're talking about (i.e.,
stringing beads, or actually covering objects by "weaving" bead together).  
Beading, and making beads, are different skill-sets, require different set-
ups/equipment, and have a different focus.  

Re: glass beads
 Oh lord, don't get me lying... This is actually my girlfriends project,
what I am doing asking stuff trying to figure out what she gets outta this.
However, I do admit, I do use plastic beads on my shark leaders :)

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Re: glass beads

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Eh, whatever - different people like doing different things.  IMO, the fon
is from taking raw amterials, and seeing them take shape, esp. when the
shape actually fits what you've envisioned <g!>

IF your GF is making glass beads using rods and a bunsen-burner, it's just
fun to use what is normally a destructive thing (fire/flame) in a way to
transform one thing, to create a new thing.

Most humans get enjoyment from shaping their environment, and/or elements
thereof, to fit their own preferences.  Some garden, some build things, and
so on.  Those things become Art when they're done in a way that
communicates ideas/feelings to otehr people, gets them thnking, "moves"
them as is said.

So, the point isn't so much what, specifically, your GF gets out of
beadwork, but rather, the fact that she is being creative, and doing
something that gives her (and if applicable, her clients) joy through the
act of creating something.  

COnsider some of the elaborate fishing-flys that people make.  I mean,
erally, do they *need* to do all of that work?  I know that it's
"justified" by talking baout the vagaries of fish 'psychology' so to speak,
but it's also, let's face it, the creation of something that has it's own
aesthetic, its own beauty if you will.  Practical things by no means
"need" to be ugly, after all.  ((Of course, the actual fishing is also a
reward, practicing as it does a primally-satisfying sense of being able to
pit oneself against nature and succeed in providing for oneself and one's
family :) ))


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Re: glass beads
Disclaimer:  Coming from some who doesn't make beads:

From what I've seen, it seems like those that bead buy them from those that
make beads.   But I would think that there would be a certain attraction to
those that made designs from their own custom beads.  And seeing how Hobby
Lobby sells all that you need to make glass beads, it looks like creativity
and imagination would be your only limitations.

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Re: glass beads
 Bill, thank you for your input!  I think you're right.  My girlfriend does
do the hobby lobby thing sometimes, but just a personal issue with the
owners of that store, I just flat refuse to do business with them.  I much
prefer Michaels.  But then, I have NO idea what all this craft stuff is, I
am just seekin info for my girlfriend.

 I only know the simple things in life.. Cat Fishing, Shark Fishing,
Computers and Linux.

 :) I guess you could say "I'm just along for the ride".


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Re: glass beads
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I find that making your own glass beads can be a very rewarding task.
If you want to start, you can find a very easy kit to start here:

This will contain everything you will need to start other than you
first gas tank for your torch. Most instruction can easily be found on
the web and it gives a brief overview included with the kit. If your a
visual learner, you can find DVDs for lampworking all over the web.
One of my favorites is:

This has some of the best shots I think I've seen. The detail is
fabulous and it gives some very high instruction.

Good luck!


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