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Hope it's OK to post this,
Good site to learn basics.
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Re: Good glass info
99.999999999999% of the folks here are experienced in glass work. you
might want to check the FAQ page to see what's ok to post and what's
frowned on. I'm sure your post is ok but it is nice to know what the
FAQ are and who everyone is here and what they do.


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Re: Good glass info
99.9% experienced in glasswork?  I'm sure they are, but hey you never =
know it all and there are definitely newbies out there looking to learn.
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Re: Good glass info
Saw a couple of things that might need changing
1.  " The novice needs minimal practice to develop a feel for scoring
and breaking out."
Minimal practice???  Not in my experience of teaching.  although some
people seem to 'cotton on' quickly more than half need lots of
practice to 'develop the feel'.
2.  "The traditional way to hold the glass cutter is between index and
middle fingers with the thumb and index finger on the flat spots of
the cutter handle. This will be ideal for the best control and
It may be the traditional way to hold the old style of cutter but not
I would suggest the way to hold every other type of cutter!  Why no
mention of how to hold other cutters than the oldfashioned cutter?
Imagine holding a pistol grip cutter between the index and middle

Apart from that I would not hesitate to direct enquirers to your page
for info if they couldnt get into our shop or visit an experienced
glasscutter for help and advice.
Elizabeth in UK

Re: Good glass info
Yes, Elizabeth, there afew things that I wouldn't do.  Especially the =
putty recipe, mines the best I've come across yet!  By the way, it's NOT =
my page, but came across whilst browsing.
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Re: Good glass info
Care to share your putty recipe?

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