Looking for recommendations for painting on glass and other mediums and supplies needed

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I am looking for the best supplies for painting on glass, CDs / DVDs, rocks
 and other mediums. I am new to all of this.

For reference, here are a few YouTube videos of what I am interested in doi
ng. In the description section of these YouTube videos, materials are liste
d. However they appear to be only available in India. I am looking for the  
American equivalent of these materials.

Here are the YouTube links:




Below is a list of materials I believe that I need (what do you recommend a
s the best for these materials that I can purchase in the United States?) A
re there any other materials that are not listed below that I need? I have  
already looked in Joann Fabrics and Michaels. There wasn't much help there.
 Also, only individual paint colors are available in these stores. I'd pref
er to get a multi-color pack. I am willing to buy from a reputable online c

Glass paints - multi colors
Glass liners (for painting the shapes / edges to be filled in) - multi colo
Mod Podge - or something else to cover the paint once it is dry to protect  
it and / or make it more glossy
Paint brushes for glass paints, watercolors, for painting on rocks (what ty
pe of paint is best for painting on rocks?)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help that you can provide.

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