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Hi folks,
If there's anyone left to read this that is - thanks for answering all
my questions over the years. Thanks to you I became a pretty good
stained glass dude. Too bad it never took me anywheres income, or
jobwise, although I did end up with a few nice pieces for myself.
I'll probably keep my tools and whatnot but it's time for me to move
on. I hear making pet rocks is where the real money's at these days.
Thanks again,
Signing off,

**botox treatments: taxidermy on the living**

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Re: Thanks for everything
Bart V, wrote:
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  Hey, you don't have to be doing glass to check in
once in awhile.  I haven't touched any glass in
several years... except window glass.  How else will
we know how the pet rock biz is coming along?


Re: Thanks for everything (Bart V) wrote in news:4a437953.1915281

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I'm nobody, really, but I'm reading <LOL!>

Seriously, teh group is slow but a few of us still poke out heads up from
time to time ;)

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I haven't been here very long (maybe 10 months?) but yeah, people are great
about answering questions =:-)

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Making pet rocks?  Seriously...?  Well, "They" do say that "everything old is
new again", so hopefully it'll work out for you.  At least teh raw material
is cheap ;)

I hope to earn a little bit, but I also do all my own designs and like to do
teh fussy/detail kind of work that drives most poeple to drink, so I'm hoping
I can carve out a bit of a niche with that.  We'll see, but I think that
finding a niche is the only hope.  

Sorry you couldn't make a go of it, but there's always somethign to be said
for enhancing the home ;)

Good luck,

- Kris

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