A finish!

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Yaaay!  I finished my Victorian House, washed & ironed it and dropped it  
off at Michael's, where the frame has been waiting for about 2 weeks.  I  
should get it back in a day or 2.  Will post pics of it in rctnp next week.

Next up:  Independence Day, a canvas piece of fireworks.  I put the  
first stitches in that at lunch today.
I'm doing it on black canvas.

It's not going to be as portable as my cs, so I'll be starting a small  
travel piece, Mini Spring sampler by Teresa Wentzler:

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


See my pictures here:  http://ndjoan.shutterfly.com/pictures

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Re: A finish!
On 11/20/2017 3:43 PM, Joan Erickson wrote:
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I have always loved that piece.  Should look great on black.
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Yes, Happy Thanksgiving all!


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Re: A finish!

Awesome Joan! I can't wait to see the pics of your finished piece. I love l
ooking at people's finishes, and it gives me all sorts of ideas about how t
o improve my own stitching/fabric selection/thread selections.  

Love both of the charts you'll soon be starting. I remember when you got th
e fireworks chart and think that one is especially beautiful. I have one ca
nvaswork piece going at this time and I think it's going to be my last...ca
nvaswork is just too hard on my hands. It's a beautiful medium though.

I just finished this small snail for my son as an Xmas present:

This is the piece I started a couple days ago. I'm using a 32ct raw linen w
ith a strong gold sparkle in it, and boy is it hard to stitch on. That spar
kle has a way of confusing the eye. It's really pretty though.

I'm also debating starting a flosstube channel, but I remain undecided. Whi
le my stitching skills are ok, my tech skills are seriously lacking, and I  
think the learning curve might be very high. Is anyone here a flosstuber?

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