Happy Dance - model finished

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One of our needlework guild members, Joanne Gattenby, of X's and Oh's
is a wonderful designer.  I've just finished the second model I've
stitched for her.

Here it is


Took me almost 800 hours.  It's a big pattern with lots of colour
changes and many.many partial stitches and some stitches where you had
to stitch each section of the x.  By which I mean instead of stitching
a full x, you stitched each corner separately, so it was four tiny
stitches,  almost like doing one over one.

Now I'm going to spend some time doing some stitching for myself.


Re: Happy Dance - model finished
On Sat, 18 Dec 2010 16:47:12 -0800 (PST), MargW

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Wow - big and complex, love the very Singer sewing machine.  Well

I just finished the first of two fingerless gloves for my son (he is
out in the cold a lot taking wildlife pics) I always had a pair in my
camera bag and suddenly realised he would find them useful.  What
horrible things to  knit, this is the first and last pair !  Want to
finish the other in the next couple of days.

Hope the weather wasn't too bad with you last week.

Re: Happy Dance - model finished
snipped-for-privacy@fl.it wrote:
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Oddly enough, we haven't had a lot of bad weather in this part of
Ontario.  We're having light flurries today, but only have a couple of
inches on the ground.

Now western Ontario, northwest of London has been buried.  Well over 300
vehicles stranded on Hwy 402 last week.

I hope you didn't get washed away with all the rain the Maritimes has had.


Re: Happy Dance - model finished

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Halifax scraped through but it was a mess in NB - a really bad mess
but I didn't worry about Sharon in NB because although she is near the
river, we are all in desperate trouble if she floods lol  Cape Breton
also took a big hit.

Re: Happy Dance - model finished
On 12/18/2010 7:47 PM, MargW wrote:
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Wow! That's an intricate piece. I can see why it took so many hours!

And really, as far as one's "entertainment dollar" goes, cross stitch
has to be one of the cheapest hobbies around. Even with supplies plus
framing, it's a fraction the cost of a movie, a book (other than
library, of course), or any one of a number of other hobbies!


Susan Hartman

Re: Happy Dance - model finished

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What a lot of work and beautifully done.  I love it and can see it hanging
perfectly in someone's craft room.


Re: Happy Dance - model finished
On 12/18/10 7:47 PM, in article
snipped-for-privacy@39g2000yqa.googlegroups.com, "MargW"

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WOW - congrats on finishing that, Marg.  It's just grand.

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When I first read this sentence, I honestly thought it said you were going
to stitch this again for yourself - and just about choked thinking of all
the work.  But, actually reading instead of skimming - glad to see that
you're going to have some time to stitch for yourself now.

Congrats again on finishing the fabulous model.  I actually have a couple of
the X's & Oh's charts - even have Hockey Santa all kitted up (and sent one
to Cheryl as well, go figure) for the past 2 years!.  It's moving up in the
get started queue.

Have a happy...

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