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  Are you guys seeing my posts?  I hope so but I just saw a lot of
posts by you all wondering what's going on with MOI.  All is well and
the fires are way to the east of MOI.  OH -- Janet has my cell and new
Lizards Land line numbers.  If any of you have a cell phone number
that starts with a 678 area code, then that number is still good.
Same for the GA home phone -- starts with a 678 area code.   If any of
you want my cell, land line or snail mail, just let me know and I will
send it to you --- just e-mail me.
   Cassie (Old Lady Beige Baby Cat) is totally back to normal.  She
attacked and tried to kill a pen yesterday -- LOL!  I had been writing
something and when I got up to get myself a beverage, I set the pen on
the sofa next to Cassie and she promptly proceeded to make stink eye
at the pen and then attack :-)))).  Yesterday she walked by me, looked
at me and totally "bitched me out".  Then she went to go potty -- in
the litter box of course.  As soon as she was finished, she walked
back in front of me and proceeded to bitch me out again!  She did this
twice when she was going to go potty.  Seems that the litter box
wasn't clean enough for HRH and she was letting me know in no
uncertrain terms -- LOLOL!
   I have now gotten three med. moving boxes unpacked and one of the
large plastic "buckets" -- the largest rectangular containers you can
buy at Wally World that are about 72 gal capacity.  It was full of my
kimono silks which are now on the 5 shelf storage rack that I bought.
I have to get on a little step stool to reach the top of the thing!
I'm sure I will have it full of fabric as soon as I get the other two
large containers unpacked.
  As for my needlework fibers, I have decided I will mount a closet
rod in front of the closet in the second bedeoom!  There is a large
dresser inside the closet (only place to put it in the small bedroom)
and I will probably keep my yarn, etc. in there.  There is a rod in
the closet but there's not enough room to hang the large rings that
hold my bags of floss.  I can put a new rod above the closet opening
(no doors on this closet) and I will just be able to get the floss
hung up and it won't interfere with getting into the dresser or at the
stuff I will store on top of it!
   Once I get settled I will start back on the NP project I am helping
a friend with.  Need to get it finished and it's a bit involved so I
will have to wait until the SMDGD has gone back to the Valley.  She'll
be here next week and we will do a bit of container gardening.  Even
tho' I hate to garden, I want a bit of color in the yard.  I have
ordered a whole passel of bulbs for fall planting.  Once they are in
the ground, there isn't much I need to do with them.  Might have to
water them once they start to flower but that's no problem.   Since I
am in the mountains, there is nothing like a "yard" to take care of --
it's just "natural".  DH rakes up the pine nedles that are around the
house and that's it.  I plan to put in some wildflowers, too later in
the year.   I'm thinking about puttng a gardenia in a container and
keeping it on the patio but I'll have to think on that a bit more.
   Well, I've sat here messing with the 'puter for long enough now so
I will say CiaoMeoW >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary  >^;;^<

Re: Hello From Tia Mary -- long of course :-)
On Wed, 22 Jun 2011 11:41:08 -0700 (PDT), Tia Mary

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Yes!  So glad the cat's back to herself and the fires aren't close.


Re: Hello From Tia Mary -- long of course :-)
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I'm so happy to hear all is well with you, TM!  We were worried about
you!  I'm glad for your sake that Cassie is back to normal, too! lol


Re: Hello From Tia Mary -- long of course :-)
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 Thank you dahling :-).  How are things in your part of ND?  I heard
on the news that Minot is just about washed away!!  DH was in Winnipeg
until yesterday and he said they have more water than they have seen
in ages!  I hope Fred is OK -- has he posted recently?  With Google,
it's a P.I.T.A. to find anything!  CiaoMeow >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary /\____/\ =A9 >^.,.^<
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Re: Hello From Tia Mary -- long of course :-)

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Wet, wet, wet!  The inch of rain we had over the weekend made my just-
emerging veggie garden into a small lake.  sigh.  It's still raining
this morning (Mon.).  I had to come in with DH because our road is
soooo awful it would be nearly impossible to get my car through the

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Yeah, it's pretty dire out there and in other towns all up- and
downstream.  Their highest river crest previous to this was in 1969
and they are, last I heard, 8-10 *feet* above that!  The western part
of the state is usually drier than here in the eastern part.  We've
had between 5-10 inches of rain so far this spring, which is more than
normal, and they and the western part of Manitoba and eastern
Saskatchewan have had 14-20"!!!!!!  That doesn't even count the
snowmelt coming off the Rockies.  They're going to have a high river
probably the rest of the summer.

DS is with the Nat'l Guard in Bismarck and has been there since the
middle of May.  The water they're letting out of Garrison Dam is
keeping their river way up, too.  The Guard is stretched pretty thin
right now.  He said they'll probably be out there walking dikes until

If anyone wants to know how to help out, the best way is donating to
the Red Cross.  I remember how wonderful they were during our flood in
'97.  Here's a link to the Minot area chapter:
https://www.northcentralredcross.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=3D1 &=

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I searched and the last post from him was in April.  His DW must have
him tied up again! :)

Please, everyone, send some dry thoughts our way, okay?


Re: Hello From Tia Mary -- long of course :-)
On Mon, 27 Jun 2011 08:07:22 -0700 (PDT), "Joan E."

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Fred is in part of the section which was protected by the floodway
that Winterpeg built.  He should still be okay.  

Re: Hello From Tia Mary -- long of course :-)
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I'm happy to hear that you didn't get burned out before you could
settle in!

Liz from Humbug

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