How do you store fabric?

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I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I buy up lots of fabric
for future projects.  Trouble is, they will sometimes sit in the
storage closet for a year or more. Then when I go to use them,
they are creased in the folds, sometimes impossible to remove.
Especially linens.  I've thought about hanging them over closet
rods but it seems they would still crease over the rod and
wrinkle in the drape of the fabric over time. And also the weight
of hanging several fabrics, one on top of the other.   My latest
thought is to press them and roll them, but have a hunch they
will just flatten out over time and then have more creases than
before.  Right now I have them rolled and stored standing upright
in a large plastic bag with a dust cover over the top.  But I
know sooner or later they will just crumble down.  I'm thinking
the best way is to roll them over long tubes like wrapping paper
comes on, but covering the cardboard to prevent staining of the
fabric, and storing them flat, but where???  Under the bed seems
like a good place, if I can get the dust bunnies out of there
first.  So my question is what do you do to store fabrics so they
don't collect wrinkles and creases?   And do you label the
fabrics as to fabric content and stitch count?  How?  Pins?

Appreciate your help!
Kathy T.

Re: How do you store fabric?
Kathy wrote:
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Unless you are really storing them for years and year, hanging them over
a padded roll in the closet works very well.  Take a cardboard tube,
cover it with padding, and then with calico/muslin. Hang your fabric
over that. (I store finished, unframed pieces that way)

Linens are usually the easiest to remove folds from - dampen and press
with a very hot iron.  Just make sure that it really is pure linen.

I have fabrics which I have had stored for ten years or more, and except
for aida, have almost never had a problem getting creases out.  Aida on
the other hand, can be a major b*tch to get the creases out.

Considering that I have damask tablecloths that are more than 100 years
old, (and these have been pressed many, many times) I have never had a
problem with folds coming out. You really don't have to worry about them
'crumbling'. Just make sure that your rolls are tightly rolled.

You can pin the content and count onto the fabric, but you have to be
careful since any dampness can cause the pin to rust and leave a stain.


Re: How do you store fabric?
The only fabric I worry about when it comes to folds is pure silk.
For some reason, that fabric does *not* like to be folded!  I wind up
wrapping it around long postal tubes with muslin to protect the
fabric.   Silk mixes, tho, don't give me the same problems.   Go


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