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I just found out someone I know is getting married in about one month.
I found a wedding sampler pattern for her, but it calls for #8 Perle
cotton.  There is none to be had in my town and with one month to go, I
don't have time to order it.  So I am coming to the experts:  what
would be an appropriate substitute?  Could I use #5?  3 strands of
floss?  All help appreciated.

On a related note:  while browsing, I saw craft thread, which looks
like it might be similar to some perle cottons.  Any idea on what it
would translate to?  (I was thinking of this for a GS project).



Re: Perle cotton help
lewmew wrote:

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    I'm not sure about a substitute, but I'm wondering why
ordering is out of the question?  Most places will overnight, if
necessary, so you could have it by tomorrow or the next day.
It wouldn't be cheap, but depending on whether there's a good
alternative, it might be an option.

Best wishes,

Re: Perle cotton help
One - I'm too cheap to pay the overnight costs and two - more to the
point - I've selected the variegated thread I'm using for the XS part
of the pattern.  I need to be able to see the colors in person to be
sure they will match!

Also, occurred to me this information might be useful:  I am doing
hardanger type stitches (Kloster blocks, Algerian eye, satin and four
sided stitch, but no cutting) on 28 count evenweave.

Re: Perle cotton help
On 8/8/05 3:06 PM, in article, "lewmew"

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Hmm - maybe some one here has it on hand! or would pick it up for you!
Hint, hint!

Re: Perle cotton help

I will look at the colors I need tonight and post tomorrow!  Thanks for
all the good ideas!

Re: Perle cotton help

OK - here's my list:  3685, 3688, 930 and 367.  Any help?


Re: Perle cotton help
On 8/8/05 7:40 PM, in article, "lewmew"

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Mail me off list - I have some good news for you!


Re: Perle cotton help

In reading the first post I was just wondering... is it for Hardanger?
Thanks for answering that!

I got out my perle 8 and some stranded, and yes, I'd suggest that 3
strands of floss is approximately equal in thickness to perle 8.
However, the look is quite different, but if you don't mind that,
that's ok. If you start working and find its not as fine as you would
like, try 2 strands instead.

For the kloster blocks and satin stitch you could quite successfully
use perle 5, on 28ct that will provide good coverage. I would probably
prefer that to No 8 on that count, actually. But I wouldn't use 5 for
the eyelets or the four sided stitch - might look a bit too chunky.


Yvette Stanton
Author of "Elegant Hardanger Embroidery" 2002, 2005, and "Mountmellick
Embroidery: Inspired by Nature" 2004

Re: Perle cotton help

lewmew wrote:
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I think Threadexpress has reasonable shipping costs and lightening fast
shipping.  If you are using DMC pearl cotton, you can check the colors
by matching floss numbers.  As someone else pointed out, you can use
floss, but it will have a different look.

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Re: Perle cotton help

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The major thing to consider for the substitition is the thread count on the
fabric you will be using.  If you are using a ground cloth finer than 26 tpi
rules out the use of #5.  IMHO, you'd be happier using 3 strands of floss
(twisted together) for the #8.  Continually twisting the floss will end up
a lot longer to stitch.  I'd try stitching an isolated area this way, and
the #8 as fast as you can.

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The craft thread is roughly equivalent to #5, but of a much poorer quality.
It doesn't have the finish that pearl does, and begins to shread when used
for repetitive stitching.  You can use it to couch with, or in shorter
lengths -
just don't use it when it gets a lot of wear.  It comes only in pre-packaged
sets, which means that if you run short of a color, you have to purchase
another complete set.  The colors are just a bit off, when compared to #5,
so it's difficult to make substitutions.  I use it for Temari balls and
embroidered cards, but that's about it.

Phyllis Maurer
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