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I too have a complete set and was very disappointed when
they were discontinued. They were a bit tricky to get the
hang of at first, but they worked up beautifully.

I still display a Sudbury box with a design stitched in
the flower thread. I've also done a matching pillowtop,
but never got around to actually making it into a pillow.

One day....

Nyssa, who has so many "one day" projects she probably won't
need to buy much in the way of materials for a decade or two

Re: DMC Flower Threads
On Wednesday, 12 April 2017 13:12:13 UTC, Nyssa  wrote:
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I know the feeling. I will need to be immortal to finish all my projects. M
y current project is to do something as subtle as a Thea Gouveneur using fl
ower thread, but that's 180 colours v 465. But if I add in all the 130 Dani
sh flower threads I am getting nearer. The conversion charts are crude but  
demonstrate that the subtlety can be achieved. I'd like to get hold of some
 Anchor Nordin but they seem even harder to obtain.

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