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So, I'm actually going to share my 2 recent stitch in public adventures.

As we're in the peak of hockey season, DH has been skating quite a bit.  So,
a couple of weeks ago I went with him as he reffed "Friday Night High School
Hockey."  Which has become amazingly crowded, raucous - particularly with
football over.  Decided to sit upstairs (in the enclosed loft/lobby), watch
the game and stitch.  Suddenly as game time approaches - filled with the
15-18 yr old crowd.  Which made me happy not to be 15 again.  I'm at a
table, by window near one end - angled looking at game & stitching on a
small canvas with a halloween ornament.  Being overrun by kids.  Rink
manager comes up, yells at some boys who have smashed into the rink
Christmas tree, and broken some ornaments.  It settles down - reminding me
of any high school playground, lounge, parking lot, etc.  After a couple of
minutes some boys cruise to give a look, nod, cruise on.  Then a boy -
likely 14 or so comes over, pulls up a chair and asks, politely, "What are
you doing?"  Give him the brief explanation - he things the glittery stuff &
glow in the dark thread are cool, and likes the overdyed silk.  Shakes my
hand, thanks me & goes to report to his cluster.  Then, a few minutes later
a little crew of 16 yr old girls come over, all in a little cluster.  And
they say "are you knitting - and what is it - it looks cool?"  I nicely say
thanks, and then explain that it's needlepoint, not knitting.  We then
discuss the 2 needles, ball of yarn knitting, 1 hook, crochet, and then
needlepoint, cross-stitch.  I encourage them to give it a try - and they
move on.

A week later, DH is skating in some invitational old guy grudge
Reston - and there's a public skate on the other side, then little kids
hockey (it's New Years Day).  I'm sitting up in the "vendateria" overlooking
the very cold downstairs olympic size rink.  This time a bunch of guys come
over looking at the game - I explain what's up.  This time I'm working on my
Flyways canvas - which is biggish & very colorful & almost done.  But, I
have a frameweight, portable light, lots of stuff out.  After a while I spy
a table with 4 little girls, 2 women, and lots of looks coming my way.  Time
goes by & suddenly there are 4 young girls chattering "hi, you do really
pretty knitting" & "you knit good" .  Sigh.  Again with the knitting.  These
girls were so adorable - I thanked them, then explained it's called
Needlepoint, and that when you see people with those long sticks & yarn
that's knitting - something to that effect.  Then I look again - and say -
"are you girls all twins?"  Yup, 2 sets of identical twins, 7 years old
"almost 8".  And they tell me "we're from China.  We were in the same

Can you believe this - amazing.  On the stiching side, they hung out for
quite a while, I let them touch some of the silk scrap overdye, and the
heftier weight twist.  They really wanted to watch, and all checked out my
frameweight (which is a hefty Cardinal.).  It was adorable.  After about 15
min one of the mom's came to get them, and apologize - unneceesary.  I was
able to tell them about some local youth programs, etc.

On the personal side - one pair (the lesser chatty, but quite nice) are from
Cleveland, the others - very chatty, do lots of activities - from here - and
evidently I'll see them at the local rink as they do "figure skating,
horseback riding, gymnastics & music lessons."  The mom with them was
actually their aunt.  Who will help get them signed up for some youth
stitching this summer.  Turns out that indeed these girls were all adopted
from the same orphanage in China, they're 4 months apart, and the mom from
Cleveland met the one from DC thru some discussion group of folks adopting.
And since the girls knew each other as toddlers, decided to make the effort
to meet once back in the states, so they do this a few times a year.  How
cool is that.  These girls were so adorable, polite & it amazed me that
there was no issue at all about were they were from, and being happy to be
American.  They spontaneously said to me "We're from China - but we're
American."  and then "we knew each other when we were babies so we're
friends now."  

But, hey - the things that happen when you stitch in public.  And at least
the adults with these 4 - who had to be dragged away - are going to get them
some beginner stitching lessons or the like.

Still, what's with the knitting  ?????


Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/8/2012 8:26 AM, Ellice K. wrote:
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   After FORTY years together, DH STILL refers to **any** sort of
needlework as my "knitting"!!!!!  I didn't even learn to knit until
about 2 years ago and still with the knitting!  I'm with you, what's
with non stitchers virtually ALWAYS calling any sort of needlework
"knitting"?????  CiaoMeow >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary /\__/\

Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
*snip, snip*
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Nice stories.

It's all knitting. That's all I ever hear, too.

Donna in Virginia

Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic

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I agree!

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I wonder if it's because knitting is more "in" right now, although
that doesn't explain TM's DH calling it knitting for so many years!
Maybe that was the "in" thing back when he first learned about it?


Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/9/2012 4:38 PM, NDJoan wrote:
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   It's probably something more "historical".  Knitting has been a
*necessary* activity -- sort of like a survival thing -- and stuff like
socks, especially, have been knit since forever.  Just about any other
form of needlework is decorative so not a  "survival" thing.  I know
that generations ago, men and boys learned to knit -- my Dad told
stories about his Dad having learned as a young boy.  Women have been
*knitting* socks and mittens (very necessary items for basic survival in
cold weather) for eons and the term has likely just become synonymous to
the general public for any sort of needlework.  Ask anyone, they are
familiar with the word KNIT but likely not any other word related to

Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/10/12 9:52 AM, in article, "Tia Mary"

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I think with some folks it's more a purposeful not wanting to acknowledge or
notice the difference.  Knitting is very recognizable, and more in, so to
speak.   I think if I'd been doing XS, or crewel, something smaller on a
little frame/hoop people maybe would've called it embroidery.  But, the
canvas work is bulkier in the stretcher bars, etc.  But who knows.  I was
just happy to have kids come and inquire - even better - seem interested.

Just to quibble a little - sewing, hand needlework was also a necessity for
gazillions of years.  The decorative art part maybe more of the luxury,
entertainment that ladies did to distinguish themselves - but the average
woman had to be able to not just knit socks/stockings/sweaters, but also sew
together garments.

Men have been doing sewing for equally long - hence the long tradition of
male tailors.  And in the seafaring trades the men did fabulous needlework -
for hundreds of years.  It's the more recent times - the 20th century - when
that fell off.  This past year I've been to 2 exhibits in which the
needlework stitched by men was either the most beautiful, fantastic piece
IMHO, or close to it.

Oh, well - I think it's the lack of attention to things - the instant info -
that is part of not getting the full story, and hence translates down the
line into "knitting" being the word for all these things.

Well, I'm now going to crawl back into my hibernation (got DH's winter cold
& am doing whatever to be sure it doesn't escalate - as am in the midst of
round 2 of the new therapy, and if I'm sick/sore throat, etc - they'll
withhold treatment - so got a week to kick this....)


Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/11/2012 10:49 PM, Ellice K. wrote:
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Good luck avoiding it. Everybody who wasn't sick right before Christmas
is sick now, with round two of the same crud. It got me...I've been home
two days and feeling pretty miserable. Got a lot of stitching done,
though...but I'm getting tired of sitting!

Hope you steer clear!!


Susan Hartman

Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/12/12 6:19 PM, in article
STJPq.16305$, "Susan Hartman"

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You're a good friend, my dear!  Sorry to hear you all had to suffer thru.
DH was sick for a week, then well, sort of, then a few days bad again.  Now
he's fine, but I think I'm almost thru.  But, I've been pretty nauseated for
about a week, and that's getting tiring.  You'd think I'd lose weight, but,
no. So, I'm just eating cold/flu tabs, some anti-nausea RX stuff, and
drinking tea.  I see the hematologist on Monday, so the sore throat & fever
better be gone by then.  I did a little stitching, but found that looking at
anything with concentration - combined with the headache/stomach thing was
not a good combination - so I've watched a lot of tv - some pretty good
stuff on PBS, a lot of Jane Austen ;^)   I figured there must be something
going on, as the dog keeps coming to check on me - so my chemistry must be

Of course, at first I thought the stomach thing was part of side effect from
disgusting drug infusion, but now figure it's from the cold.  Ah, well.
Could always be worse. Just don't want to miss a treatment as they're stil
working it up to therapeutic level, doing the titration so to speak, and in
the meantime I've stopped my injections, so....

Tonight - out for a bit to meet DH at his haircut appt, then we went to the
local little Italian place - with an amazing coupon.  Northern VA magazine
is now doing it's own version of groupons - wonder if Baltimore mag is?
Anyhow - cost $9 for $20 Fri-Sat, $25 Sun -Thurs.  Food is good, and they
actually do very good pizza - plus tonight was free salad with entrée
(instead of the 99 cent nominal).  And enough left of one dish for DH to
have lunch tomorrow - though we did spend $4 more (and left good tip in
their jar).  It's an order at the register then go sit place, they actually
gave us table service -and the very sweet teen working the register was so
enthusiastic she came over to us after and introduced herself, saying it was
her 1st day today.  Too cute.  A more upscale Italian place went in to the
main town center strip (by the movies, & wine store) so I think this little
place - which is in the strip with the grocery, more errandy kind of shops -
did the coupons to get people in - you have to dine in when you use them.
But, anyhow - I couldn't eat much but at least I didn't have to cook.  And
now I'm checking mail, and going back to bed - DH is packing his bag to go
ref Men's B league hockey - woo hoo.

Maybe I'll try stitching something while I'm lazing  in bed - or maybe not.
Would likely mean lots of frogs visiting.


Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/12/2012 9:25 PM, Ellice K. wrote:
   I did a little stitching, but found that looking at
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Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, too. The mention of Jane
Austen made me think to give a shout out to the new PD James novel,
Death at Pemberly. Uses JA's characters and her gentle style in a way
few could pull off.

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The B'more Sun is doing something similar - a daily deal by email. I
just signed up a couple of days ago; so far nothing in my area,
geographically or financially. <vbg> But eventually something will turn up.


Susan Hartman

Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/13/12 5:59 PM, in article
pH2Qq.193991$, "Susan Hartman"

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Thanks.  It's getting better.  But, the book sounds like a perfect idea.
I'm  a PD James fan, so I'll look for this.  I have read/followed the Carrie
Bebris books which are all mysteries based after Pride & Prejudice
chronologically, but set as take-offs from each of the novels in that
so-to-speak series.  I think there are 4 so far, and they've been good
reads, not overly complicated in the mystery sense, but well written, in
keeping with the Austen tone - at least IMHO.
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Hope you'll get something soon.  We've learned to be discriminating with
these things.  Were surprised to see that when we turned in the
Specialicious coupon, the cashier had a print out of names/numbers for each
of the coupons.  Which should help them with their marketing, or the like.

Well, enough of my late night rambling.  Sue, hope you're over the winter
cold uck thing, as well.


Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
On 1/15/12 7:34 AM, in article, "Karen C in

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Not so much with these types of coupons.  They have a serial number, and the
merchant has to either scan the bar code, or enter the number to get a
validation from the coupon source - like Groupon, OpenTable, or similar.
It's really about the marketing.


Re: Stitching in Public - On Topic
I think "knitting" is almost a generic term, rather like people who
call every tissue "kleenex".  I, too, take some sort of stitching with
me quite a few places.  I used to carry a bag of actual knitting
everywhere with me, an made quite a few sweaters during lunch hours at
work.  And I tatted handkerchief edgings and collars and fancy
snowflake ornaments while watching the office at church when the
secretary was on vacation.  These days it is quilting, usually piecing
or quilting small pieces.  And I have found that doing so almost
always draws a few people to see what I am doing or just to chat a
bit.  And no matter what, all people who don't personally do tatting
or crochet or quilting or embroidery, etc. ALWAYS begin by calling it
"knitting".  At least they are curious!

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