Website (finally) Live!

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

After all sorts of unavoidable delays and gnashing of
teeth, my Web Partner, Laura, and I are proud to announce
that our website is FINALLY live and ready for visitors.

Our website has NO ads, NO tracking, and NO cookies (except
for the edible varieties -- check out the Peanut Butter
Cookie recipe and article about an old cookbook under the
In the Kitchen heading).

There is also a free sampler design, Heart's Desire, available  
under the Around the House heading. We'll be adding more content,  
including more free needlework patterns, as things progress.

This website is meant as a way for us to share our interests  
and insights (pun intended) with the rest of the world. We'll  
cover a lot of topics from consumer issues to creative writing  
with guest contributors chiming in occasionally.

Please stop by and take a look, browse our articles, reflections,
and reviews, and don't forget to bookmark the site for future visits.

I'd love to read any feedback about the site you want to share
or recommendations for future topics or even any technical issues
with the site's look-and-feel.

Bring it on!

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