"Copper Red Glazes" book

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Just got some pottery books from Edward R. Hamilton
(www.hamiltonbook.com), including "Copper Red Glazes"
by Robert Tichane for only US$4.95.  This is a pretty
amazing book, since it looks like Tichane has spent a
*lot* of time experimenting with these glazes and is
graciously sharing his results.  I knew full well before I
bought it that it would have no immediate relevance
to my work, since these glazes require reduction and
I'm an electric potter.  But it's a wonderful reference
anyway, full of all kinds of neat technical stuff that
(who knows?) I may someday make use of.  Great stuff!

The other pottery book was "The Art of Crystalline Glazing:
Basic Techniques" by Jon and LeRoy Price for $6.95.
This is also a terrific book, that I definitely *will* use.
Alas, Hamilton is now sold out of this one.  But since
it's obviously been "remaindered" it might be worth
looking around for this title to see if anyone else has it.

Best regards,

Bob Masta
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Re: "Copper Red Glazes" book
Thank you for the site!  They also have studio safety which everyone should

http://www.hamiltonbook.com/hamiltonbook.storefront/456edb84000ea781271d424d36d606b3/Export/products/5425905 "Bob

I found the crystalline book at abebooks which can have very good prices -
in this case it is $10 for the cheapest of the crystalline book so not as
good as yours.


www.Abebooks.com  was posted here a while back

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