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Hi, all.

I recently aquired a skutt 1227, but it is 3-phase 208 at 31 Amps. For
those who don't know, 3-phase is 208 volt times 3, and the skutt 1227
has 3 sections, so each section could draw 31 amps.

Naturally, I am in a residential area, so I only have access to single-
phase 230 volt at perhaps 50 amps. Fortunately, I am not interested in
getting the whole thing running. If I could get even one section
running would be fine.

I think that I can remove two sections and run just one section on
single-phase 230. 230v is only 11% more voltage than 208, so it should
have a good chance of working, right?
I figure that I will start with high and see if the coils get too hot
too quickly. If that seems good, I can try low and see what it temp it
gets up to, then medium and last high.

Has anyone tried such an experiment?
Any advice for a noob?  *grin*
Thanks in advance.

Re: skutt 1227
On Mon, 6 Jul 2009 21:58:19 -0700 (PDT), stan

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I haven't tried this, but I'd advise against it
unless an expert approves.  The reason is that the
kiln elements are essentially big light-bulb
filaments, whose operating life is inversely
related to the voltage by something like the 11th
power.  So a fairly small overvoltage could cause
a drastic shortening of the life.

On the other hand, if you run two sections in
series, they should last forever!

You might also look into adding a tap on one
section, at the (230 - 208) / 230 point, to make a
22 volt section that could be run in series with a
full 208 to get a decent 230 volt load.

Best regards,

Bob Masta
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Re: skutt 1227

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call skutt. ask to talk to perry. there's a way to retrofit it to run on the
available voltage. you probably just need different elements.

cave creek, az

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