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Aaugghh Department I was yesterday when I went to make the binding for
the quilt I've been machine quilting for the past few weeks.  After I
was done piecing the back, I spent a few days finding the time and place
to baste it (I drive to big enough tables), then began quilting.  I
don't keep track of how long I take on each task.  When I needed the
iron for the binding, I discovered that I'd left it on.  It's not like I
burned the house down or anything, but what a waste of electricity!  I
don't remember, but it could have been on for weeks.  I'm the original
for making sure everything is turned off when it's not in use.  I'm the
sort who harps on family members for leaving lights on. I care about
small amounts of wasted energy.  And then I go and do this.  I'm kicking
myself.  I was sure I didn't want an iron that turns itself off because
they're such a pain in the neck.

That's only part one.

Part II is just now when I was mitering the final fold on the binding
where the 2 tails meet up.  I'd gotten it perfect on the first try, used
the rotary cutter to leave a quarter inch seam to cut off the tails and
cut into the binding itself.  Aaughh!  This means I have to take out a
whole section of binding, sew on a new piece and resume.  I do have
enough of the binding fabric, so I'm telling myself that it's not the
end of the world, but still.

Have I mentioned that I'm stressing over an upcoming trip to visit an
elderly relative with significant short term memory loss?  I wonder if
either of us can remember what ironic means.


Re: Aaughh Department II
Don't stress over the visit with the relative with short-term memory loss.
Both DH and I write ourselves little post-it notes and carry them with us
when we walk from one end of the house to the other so we'll remember where
we are going and for what.
    We would blame the condition on our age and the side effects
(formidable) of our medications, except, we notice folks half our age with
the same problem.  We suspect it's caused by global warming.
    Anyhow, people with significant short-term memory loss know they have
it; nothing to get stressed about.  Just smile and repeat whatever you said.
We appreciate your patience.  Polly

"Julia Altshuler" <wrote>> Aaugghh Department I was yesterday when I went to
make the binding for
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Re: Aaughh Department II

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Here's my three point plan to help cope with short term memory loss.....

1. If you forget something and nobody reminds you or points out that you
forgot it's small stuff. Don't worry about it.....but then you wouldn't
anyway because you've forgotten it.

2. If you forget something and somebody reminds you it probably *is*
important but you don't have to worry about remembering because plenty of
people *will* remind you. (Large red trucks with lights and sirens pulling
into the front yard are a great memory jogger.)

3. The third point is.......ummmmm.....uhhhhhhhhh.....*blink,


Re: Aaughh Department II
You had a lot of great replies, but to be practical- get a power strip cord
and plug your iron and a lamp into the power strip.  Since you are good
about turning off lights, when you leave the room you can just flip the
switch on the power strip to off and it's done- the lamp is the reminder.

Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.

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Re: Aaughh Department II
This is precisely why I have an iron that turns itself off if it's not
moved around every few minutes.


Re: Aaughh Department II
Leslie & The Furbabies in MO. wrote:
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This is exactly what I've been thinking about for years.  My trouble is
that Jim is an electrical engineer.  When he designs a project, he does
a better than spectacular job.  If it can't be better than spectacular,
it doesn't get done.  First he put in the best shelves in the world.
I'm only exaggerating a little.  My sewing room is the only room in the
house with fresh paint and custom built shelves.

Then I needed lights.  We talked about and shopped for track lights, but
that never happened.  Instead, I have some garage sale lamps that work
satisfactorily well.  I'm delighted with my work space and am not
complaining, but Jim thinks of this as something that didn't get done right.

Whenever Jim brings up the idea of better lighting, I first say that I'm
happy with what I've got.  Then I suggest wiring the room the way you
say.  The switch by the door would turn on the power strip.  I could
turn the iron off with the dial on the iron, but if I forgot, it would
go off anyway when I turned off the lights.  Jim thinks this is a good
idea, but it means rewiring.  Why not do it the simple way?  Because we
don't do things the simple way in this house.  It's an all or nothing

It sounds like I'm complaining, but I have it pretty good, and I know
it.  I'm not blaming Jim for my faulty memory.  I can see where
safeguards make sense for things like this.


Re: Aaughh Department II
Nope, that wasn't quite what I said- use the switch ON the power cord (built
right into the power cord) to turn off both the lamp and the iron.  Jim
never has to know....  LOL

Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.

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Re: Aaughh Department II

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 Similar to my set-up, Leslie. I have a Mondo-dee-luxe 12 station powerstrip
with 4 surge protector thingies. My son got it for me quite awhile back,
kind of pricey, nice gift. I have all my task lights, machines and irons
plugged into it. Before this strip was used I always had the problem of
forgetting to turn off my little Clover iron even though I was good about
unplugging my steam iron. I turn my machines off then reach over and snap
off the red power switch on the strip...VIOLA!.....everything is cut off in
one swell foop.  DS, the electronic guru, told me to always turn my machines
off before shutting off the power strip, and snap the strip on before
turning on my machines......the whys escape me now but I always do it that
way. In a sewing class there was a gal who said she had a radio plugged into
her power strip with the iron. That's how she knew whether she left anything
on in her sewing room. That's a good idea, too.


Re: Aaughh Department II
Waaaaaah! Val.  You got me with swell foop.  Reminded me of the time a
nervous instructor directed us to post a notice in bull few.  (He was
nervous because when he looked up from his speech notes, we had all donned
Groucho Marx noses and eyebrows - except, of course, for the oddballs in the
bunch who preferred M-i-c-k-e-y Mouse ears.)  Polly

"Val" <wrote> > Similar to my set-up, Leslie. I have a Mondo-dee-luxe 12
station powerstrip
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Re: Aaughh Department II

I know it doesn't help, but I'm glad I'm not the only who does stuff like
that!  ;-)

Maybe your stress over the upcoming visit with the elderly relative is
Michelle in NV

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