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(TSWLTH = The Store We Love to Hate, aka Joann's)

I got to the Kenosha, WI, store, mid-morning. It wasn't terribly
crowded and the cutting line was not as bad as I have seen it other
times.  I got 10 yards of Warm & Natural, a replacement Ott-lite bulb,
a cutting table mat (32 x 60, on sale for $29.99).  Oh, yes, and some
fabric. (3 yds flannel, which I use as underlining. I've come to like
'mint-and-chocolate' (aqua/turquoise and brown) and added to that a
collection.  I bought some prequilted fabric to make a jacket -- also
mint-and-chocolate.  I'm not wild about the polyester batting used,
but I figured that if I bought fabric for the outside and the lining,
and then sandwiched something in between (e.g. flannel), and stitched
it, I'd have the equivalent investment as in buying this fabric.
(Regular price for the prequilted is $19.99; I used the 50% off

By the time I had the fabric cut and was being checked out it was
straight up noon. The clerk said that she wasn't sure if the 20%-off-
entire-purchase coupon would be good, since it expired at noon, and as
she rung it in it was about 12:02.  Fortunately it did.    Their
computer system does not take into consideration the fact that people
might have been in the store in plenty of time and were just caught in
long lines.

in northeasternmost Illinois

P.S. I replaced the Ott-Lite bulb, but no light comes on.  Bum lamp?
It's a clamp-on desktop model that I've had for about 3 years. (I use
it at my comptuer desk.)  Grrr.

Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

Now that was fun.  Thank you, Nann, for doing Black Friday at TSWLTH for us.
(and reporting)  I like to hear about it but am way far too cowardly to try
    As to the Ott bulb, there are a few things you can try before you decide
the bulb is a bummer.  Be sure you have put the bulb in 'right', may be
upside down or not quite in.  Plug the lamp in a different outlet.  Outlets
can and do wear out.  I don't know how many quilters it takes to change a
lightbulb but I do remember that we had a little trouble when we replaced
ours.  Good luck.  Polly

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Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

I was in the Lakeland store on Friday.  I took a number for the cutting
table - mine was 98 and they were serving 53!  When it got close to noon, I
sent DH to the check-out with the rest of my stuff to get the extra 20%.
The fabric I was getting cut was on the bell-ringer page, and the extra
discount didn't work.  I mentioned to several people waiting about the noon
deadline.  One went to the store manager, and she came to the cutting area
and gave everyone a mark on their 20% coupon to verify it at the cash.  They
had 3 people cutting at all 3 cutting tables, and there were many waiting.
My biggest deal was on flannel, which I was buying to back some scrap
donation quilts my group is making.  I got around 12 yards for just over
$18, and the receipt said I saved $51!

finally working in my sewing room and
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Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

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Oddly enough, this happened to me recently.  I had the gray 18-watt lamp
that either clamps on, or fits into a base.  I never used the base, just the
clamp.  My lamp acted up almost from the get-go when I bought it about
ten-plus years ago.  I almost always had to turn on the switch and then
thump the bulb to get it to light.  A couple of months ago, no amount of
thumping, or bulb taking-out-and-putting-back-in worked.  So I bought a
replacement bulb at Michael's, but still no joy.  I decided it was the lamp
that finally died, not the bulb.  No more Ott-lites for me!  I was never
terribly impressed.  My $20 Staples clamp on lamp with a 13 watt bulb easily
gives light that's every bit as good as the Ott.

I found an artist's lamp that clamps on and is very flexible and that uses
the same 18 watt bulbs.  So at least I have a lamp to use my bulbs -
assuming I remember where I put the bulbs when I eventually need them!   I
have about four lamps clamped around my back to back sewing tables now,
every one different.


Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

I stayed home. I looked at all the cool discounts and coupons and made
a quality-of-life decision. This was the fourth Black Friday in a row
that I've made the same decision. I don't think I regret it, except
maybe for the chance to buy batting at 50% off. But I think I can life
with it.


Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

I seldom venture out on Black Friday, and this year was no different -
almost! I did go to Michael's yesterday to get some yarn (my latest
non-quilting "hobby" is making prayer shawls) that was on sale. In addition,
I had a 25% off coupon, so that made it even better. They really weren't
busy at all (I went around 8 a.m.), but they had opened at 4 p.m. the
afternoon before, and I think that probably contributed to the lack of
people out shopping on Friday. To keep this on-topic, I must mention that I
did buy a fat-quarter of fabric with cats on it so that my nephew could use
it in the lap quilt he's making. We have the top put together and plan to
quilt it tonight. I'll probably do the binding by bringing the backing
fabric to the front and machine stitching it down so he can take it home
with him tomorrow.
Louise in Iowa
nieland1390@mchsi dot com
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Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

I'm with you. I didn't go out to do shopping. Did go to the Medical
Center lab for some tests that needed to be done before next
appointment on 12/8 - I walked right in, no line, no waiting at 10AM.
Tried to convince the electrician guy for the complex to come over to
troubleshoot my kitchen light, but he was out shopping with his

Don't miss the "specials" and "hot deals". Quality of life is a better

Ginger in CA

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Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

Sunny wrote:
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I just did some shopping at for a baby quilt, and a few
others for various projects. is giving 20% for up to a $49
purchase; 25% for a $99 purchase; 30% for $100 plus.  If I understand
correctly, the discounts are good through the weekend.  And they gave
their standard free shipping for orders over $35.

It's not quite as rewarding as shopping in an LQS, but when you don't
have one handy, this is the next best thing.  :-)

Best regards,
Michelle in Nevada

Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

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To those of you who ventured out, I admire your determination and
williness to stand in line.  I stayed home and did some sewing on tote
bags.  Mid afternoon, I had to run to the hardware store and they were
running a sale that I didn't know about,  50% off any one item.  I
asked the clerk if she had an extra coupon to get the discount and she
gave me one.  Jackpot...I bought our son a great set of drill bits for
50% off.  Merry Christmas, son.  So even though I had no intention of
doing a Black Friday sale, I ended up finding a great bargain anyway!

Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

Like many people, I was too pooped to move on Black Friday! After 3
days of cooking and cleaning up, I despirately
needed a sleep in day. As it was, I didn't go to bed until the wee
hours of Friday AM as DD had to be up at 2:30 AM to  go to work by
3:30 AM! Her store opened at 4 AM. so needless to say... I went back
to bed at 3AM. when she left. Slept in till about 10AM and finished
the cleaning up of Turkey Day. I must say, I even had a nap after she
got home at 1:30 in the afternoon. We were both out for the count till
later in the evening Friday.
Only then, did we venture to the market for some replacement
supplies...milk, etc., and a couple movies to rent and back home
I used to go to the Mall every Black Friday up until 9 or 10 years more, I'd rather stay home and veg.
I even got a little hand work in today watching the movies!

amy in CNY

Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH re OTT light

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I bought the floor model Ott light at least 12 years ago. I have had
no trouble with it.  I use it every day.  When I went back to college
and had a LOT of reading to do, it was the only light I could use,
that I didnt get headaches. I have it next to my needlework desk now.
Maybe I just got a good one.   Susan

Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

Iris, that Ott model is the same one that gave me trouble. (But I
didn't have to thump it.)

I'll return the Ott bulb that I bought Friday.
Meanwhile my husband reminded me that I had a floor lamp (Ott knock-
off) in the basement.  I brought it upstairs, and it works just fine.


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Re: Black Friday @ TSWLTH

No Black Friday sales for me, thank you very much. My daughter did
venture out to get the stroller she wanted at Babies'R'Us. She said the
crowds weren't bad there -- unlike Target and Kohl's where she gave up.
We spent the rest of the day making lefse.

Julia in MN
Nann wrote:
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