Bringing up the rear

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It seems I'm the last one to get back home and Home Sweet Home it is. Yes,
the silly weather was so cold I started addressing Christmas cards. DH and I
have been to a reunion where lots of the folks were getting close to 80
years old.  What a hoot!  You can learn a heap about 'old age and stealth'
in a mob like that.  One of the most profound comments was the discussion
about whether it was a sound investment to renew your driver's license for 8
years.  The hostess was even thoughtful enough to have an ambulance on
standby.  Polly

Re: Bringing up the rear
Anyone ask about speed reading a library book or not watching a serialized
tv show?  Glad you enjoyed yourselves!  barnyowl

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Re: Bringing up the rear
The park where I go to FL in the winter is mostly retired people, older than
my 67 years.  (DH & I are amoung the "young folks.)  We all laugh when the
roofing shingles must be replaced and the Lowe's man talks to us about using
the 30 year shingles!
Barbara, now in SC

Re: Bringing up the rear
Two years ago the DMV gave my then 93 yr old father a 10 year extension on his
driver's license.

He told me looked them square in the face, and said, "Oh! I hope I do not have
to renew this again!"

Ginger in CA

On Sunday, May 6, 2012 5:18:35 PM UTC-7, Bobbie Sews More wrote:
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Re: Bringing up the rear
That's funny!  I have found that those who are older than 70 have their own
ides of what is especially funny!  Weird thing is-----I am starting to
Barbara in SC

"Ginger in CA" <.
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