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Does anyone know where I can get brother embroidery cards at a good
deal? They sure are expensive. Thanks!

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Re: Brother Embroidery Cards
A specific card, or just designs for Brother machines?

Have you looked in Ebay?  Some designers are offering
embroidery designs in multiple formats (to suit many machine
types) for direct download through Ebay.  They are certainly
cheaper than the name brand cards from retail outlets.

I am only just getting into my new machine (Janome 10001)
but I plan to do as much of my own digitising as possible
because the cards are expensive.


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Re: Brother Embroidery Cards
Jill, doesn't your machine also use floppies?  Email me if it does--I might
be able to help you.

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Re: Brother Embroidery Cards
Hi Jill,  there are several sites where you can find embroidery cards at
better prices than in stores.  The Brother Brand name is also compatible
with BabyLock cards,  as well as White,  and Singer.  I found a lot of
this information by simply doing many searches for embroidery cards.
Many people ask why I don't use the floppy disks or also the freebies
off the internet.  The main reason is there are zillions on the
internet,  and I don't have the time.  I do a lot of embroidery on my
machine,  and put money into the cards that are versatile enough to get
used often.  I also combine many things from different designs.  Your
machine should most likely allow you to do that.  I have yet to get
tired of doing it that way,  and if I had enough time,  I could sure use
it even more than I do.  .I hate to spend time on the internet searching
for that perfect design,  and use it once,  when I could be using that
same time at my machine:-)  I have ten grandchildren,  plus one on the
way,  so I use my machine for a real variety of things.  Try doing
searches for the cards,  and you will find many places to try.  I think
you will be surprised.  I know I was.  I can also post a few links as
well,  just have to go into my favorites and locate them for you.  There
are also newgroups for embroidery machines too.  I even bought some
quilting embroidery cards from a girl I met online,  and those have been
wonderful to use.  Is this machine new??  Good luck,  Karen.

Re: Brother Embroidery Cards
Jill-- here is a website that should keep you busy just looking for
embroidery cards.  It is  If you are new to this,
make sure if you order that you know your format,  depending on your
machine.  The info given will tell you what is compatible.  Have fun.  I
have more websites too, but if I remember correctly,  this one has a ton
of these cards.  Don't limit yourself to browsing only Brother,  because
other brands will work as well.    Karen

Re: Brother Embroidery Cards
Thanks Karen! Yes, it is a new machine. It the Brother PE 170D. It's a
cheap one but my husband and I love Disney and it will be fun to make
our own embroidered shirts for our annual trip to Disney World.
  I'm also planning on getting the Cat & Dog cards to make things for
the animal rescues I work with for their raffles and other fundraisers.

Critter Comforts: Quilts for Homeless Animals

Re: Brother Embroidery Cards
Hi Jill,   did you  find any cards on that website that interested you?
Sometimes I just go back several times before I buy a few new ones.  I
had bought a few a year ago in the spring,  and never got to use them,
as my husband became quite ill with pancreatic cancer.  He died in
January of this year.  So,  I have lots of new things to get back to.
How big is your hoop size?  5 x 7??  The Disney characters are really
neat,  but I figured the grandkids would outgrow that,  and it is only
on the Brother machines.  Baby Lock is very user friendly,  and I really
love this machine.  I hope to be doing a lot of things in the near
future.  When I get going with projects,  it really takes up a lot of
space.   Good hunting,  Karen

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