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I came across this blog while looking for info on place to do custom
fabric printing: /

FWIW, I just designed some fabric to be printed at Spoonflower and am
not completely happy with it - the printing was fine and it washes ok
but IMHO the fabric is too light weight to be "quilting cotton".  But I
think if I line my fabric I'll be ok. I am going to spray baste my
printed fabric onto some lightweight white cotton and then cut and sew
the two layers as one.

The blog was a happy find.  Amongst other topics every Friday there is a
summary of which online sites are having sales. Could be especially
tempting for those who don't need to contend with shipping across the
border to the great white north!


Re: Custom fabric printing/Fabric Blog
Cool! Thanks for a great idea. I can't count the number of times I've
wished for a fabric nobody has designed yet. (Although that does not
mean I could design it myself... but it's worth a try!)

I went to the other site, Fabric on Demand, and noticed 2 weights of
cotton, 6oz and 4oz. Do you remember what the weight of your fabric
Roberta in D


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Re: Custom fabric printing/Fabric Blog
The spoonflower fabric that I got was 3.2 oz, 76x 78  threads per square

The designing part is a lot of fun! I found a site that explains the
basic principals...I'll look for it and post it.


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