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I just found out yesterday that the Hayloft Fabric Store in Morgantown, PA
is closing.  For those of you who have been there on trips to Lancaster
County, you will remember it as the store located in a loft above Martin's
grocery store.  They also have an online store.  It is a huge place with
thousands and thousands of bolts of great fabric.  Unfortunately, the
grocery store and building have been sold to another grocery store (one of
those scratch and dent places), and they are not interested in the fabrics.
The very sad manager told me that there is only a slight, slight chance that
they might relocate.  She just found out about this last Friday, and they
have to be out by November 7th!  Monday they'll start with 25% off
everything....I don't know where the prices will go after that.  I just
checked their website, and it does not mention the closing.  I'm really sad
about this...it's only 5 minutes from my house and sooooo handy!

Alice in PA

Re: Fabric Store closing
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Wow!  What a shocker!  And very sorry to see as well.  And I just
discovered a few minutes ago that I need to be out that way in the
very near future.  Maybe I'll stop by and see what the sale prices
might be like then.

Re: Fabric Store closing

I wouldn't wait too long as the manager also mentioned that "liquidators"
would be coming in.  On a good note, Good's Dept. Store (next to Shady
Maple) has moved their fabric department into a new addition.  It's larger,
brighter, and they have great prices.  Also, just read in yesterday's paper
that Jo-Ann's is moving into the former Border's store in Wyomissing.  But,
I'm still hoping that the Hayloft will relocate.

Also, I don't know if you ever went to the Interior Altermative (home decor
fabrics) store in the Morgantown Furniture Outlet mall, but it is moving to
the former Fashion Bug store near Wal-mart in Morgantown.  All of these
moves are sort of a chain reaction to the Furniture Outlet mall being sold
to the Mannheim Auto Auction...all the tenants have to be out of there in

Quilt Show going on in Oaks this weekend.  Are you going?  I'll be there

Alice in PA
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Re: Fabric Store closing
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Ooohhhhh!  More shops to visit!  DH will be thrilled to see what I
come home with next time.  I'm always looking at home dec fabs.  Don't
know why - don't really have any projects going there either at the
moment...but you just never know!  Glad to hear about Goods.  Haven't
been in there in a while as, with limited time, there were other
places with more stuff.  Will have to check them out this time though.

I'll probably be out there mid-late next week or early the following
week.  I need to go to Bird-in-hand to pick up champagne glasses
(ballooning) and other paperwork.  I usually try to kill several birds
with a single stone.  My normal partner in crime won't be with me if I
go then as she's away.  Might have to bite the bullet and deal with AM
rush our traffic on the turnpike to get everything done - but it will
be worth it.

I was hoping to get to the Oaks show today but that was just wishful
thinking.  We leave late tonight for the Fireman's Convention in
Wildwood for the balance of the weekend.  Had laundry, packing,
paperwork to do.  Plus have to pick up and shuttle one of the rental
children beginning at 5PM till about 9PM.  Then pick up the other one
at 10PM and head out.  Not sure when dinner might fit in the day as DH
has a fire drill to conduct at the school where he works at 7:30PM and
I have things for him to do with balloon trucks before we leave
tonight.  Maybe between dropping off child 1 and picking up child 2 to
leave????  And I don't think we'll get back early enough on Sunday to
make it to the show either.  Is it the same weekend each year?  If
that's the case I guess I'm destined never to go there.

Must go vacuum up all the dog hair from the last 2 days before the
sitter comes.  I think that gives me a 1 1/2 hour window to get some
more work done on the log cabin from hell quilt!

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