Fleece for binding?

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I am almost done with the quilting of my baby quilt after getting all the
wonderful advice from this board.  The front is patchwork cotton and the
back is fleece.  I had thought I would use the fleece for the binding also
and that would match real well and also be cheap.

But I am wondering if the fleece is too thick for the binding, especially
doubled.  Or perhaps the weight of it would help it lay better?  Has anyone
used fleece for binding?  The fleece itself is quite thin.



Re: Fleece for binding?
I make denim quilts and back them with fleece, but I've never used it
for binding.  Are you using Malden Mills fleece, or fashion fleece from
the fabric store?  I fear you'll be unhappy with the wear on the binding
if you made it from fashion fleece, especially on a baby quilt that'll
be washed frequently.

hmharris wrote:
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Re: Fleece for binding?
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You can't wash fleece hot without turning it into something as cuddly
as a scouring pad, and a baby quilt needs occasional hot washes to get
all the <you can imagine> out of it.  You might be able to keep the
back from coming into direct contact with the baby's skin after it's
been knackered like that, but not the binding.

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Re: Fleece for binding?
i made a jacket for my daughter in fleece when she was younger and a
part of that was doubled over fleece. not only was it a nightmare to
sew it became very hard to the touch aswell. i would stick with a
cotton binding.

love and hugs  gina xxx

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Re: Fleece for binding?
Thanks for all of your input.  I think I will go and get some cotton fabric.
I didn't know fleece washed up like that in hot water.

It is fashion fleece from a fabric store.
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Re: Fleece for binding?
I used fleece as a backing for a baby quilt (blankee) not too long ago
and have had no problem at all with anything bad happening during the
many trips it's made through the washer and dryer.

It's just fleece from the baby section at Joann's, nothing special, but
it's doing just fine. And so is the flannel backed satin from the
sleepwear section at Joann's that I used as the wider than usual binding
on this blankee.


Judie in Western New York

hmharris wrote:
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Re: Fleece for binding?
Hi, I have made a handful of quilts (all extra-long to suit my tall
sons) from two layers of pieced fleece. The first one I made I used
fleece for the binding. It wasn't a good idea. That binding has since
been taken off and replaced with flannel. It just didn't hold up.


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