Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of

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Months ago I got a DVD from Fons and Porter. It has quilt patterns, I
guess (I never watched it). Since then I have gotten several notices
from the F&P people (not Marianne and Liz personally <g>) asking, "Did
you get it? If you like it, send us $12.95."  I have ignored the

Today I got another letter. "I am writing to confirm that you received
the DVD that was sent to you a few months ago.....we are not sure if
you received it because several of the reminders mailed to you
regarding the DVD have gone unanswered.....If you have decided to keep
it and participate in the collection, please send your payment along
with your reply form. Because you didn't order it, you don't have to
participate or send it back and you can consider it a free gift....If
you do not wish to participate and wish to return the DVD, you can
simply return the DVD (at our expense) using the postage-paid return
envelope you received with your DVD.  You may keep, recycle, or
discard the plastic case....Regardless of the decision, we would
appreciate a response from you soon....please call us at....or email
us at...."

Now, REALLY.  What a ploy!  No, there is no obligation to pay for or
return an unsolicited item.  Of course I no longer have the return
envelope.  If they get it back what are they going to do with it?
(Pitch it, I am sure.  They're not going to mail it out to another
sucker--er, potential customer.)   I am not interested in "previewing
the newest selections in the collection at the regular subscriber
price plus shipping and handling."  And I sure as heck am not going to
contact them to say, "Yes, I received it....nyah, nyah, nyah, I ain't
returning it."  Nor will I contact them to point out that it would be
cheaper if they'd offer the patterns as pay-per-digital downloads.

....feeling no guilt (about this at any rate) in snowy
northeasternmost Illinois

Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
OUCH!  That hurts.  I've enjoyed and benefitted from Fons & Porter magazines
and patterns for years.  How terrible that they've had a marketing cuckoo
invade their territory.  Mr Esther's cherished quilt "Noel" is a F & P; so
is the Hunter's Star on its way to the hospital in Germany.  What can we do?

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Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
Nann,  I got this several months ago.  I was irritated to get it
unsolicited.  (right off the bat reminded me of Ragmops quilt calendar
incident years ago)   I promptly called and talked to a very nasty woman.
She was downright awful.  I tossed the disc unwatched and since my magazine
subscription to them was about up I let that lapse.  I just got another
request to renew the magazine, and I do miss it but tossed the  request.
The 'offer' was bad enough but that nasty woman was the kicker.  Bad
business.  They will have to do with out my money.  Shame on them.
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Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
Nann wrote:
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My husband got something similar from a Bass Fishing magazine or
something a couple of years ago.  After the second "reminder", I sent
them a thank you note (still had the original return envelope) for the
gift they had sent.  Never heard from them again.


Rita L. in MA <One Eyed> Mutant Ninja Quilter :-)

Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
I believe the Fons and Porter magazine was sold to a conglomerate a
few years ago although Marianne and Liz still have control of the
magazine content. Someone please verify this information.

I received a similar DVD from some company (can't remember who) at
least six months ago and likewise didn't even open the package. They
continued to send me notices for several months which I also ignored.
Can't remember if I sent back one of their no postage response cards
or if they just gave up trying to charge me but I no longer receive
anything from them.

Actions like these unsolicited DVD's are why I hate to see designers
sell their companies to anyone outside the quilting industry. I saw
this downward spiral while publishing in the craft industry during the
1980's and 90's. Great Mom and Pop companies that were started on
their kitchen tables grew to major players within the craft industry.
Large corporations saw the growth of the craft industry and wanted a
piece of the prize. They purchased a Mom and Pop company with a great
name and lowered the company standards to the point that eventually
destroyed the original name. So sad. Small companies that sold to
other companies within the craft industry usually had better outcomes.

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Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
Same story here. Exactly. I don't subscribe to F&P -- never have. This
came out of the blue and I checked it out, decided it wasn't worth
paying for, and tossed it. End of story so far as I was concerned. I
hope that organization learns from what had to be a total flop.


Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
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Same here! ...except I returned the card/envelope with the "No Thanks"
box checked.
ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT on these things.  DH once ordered a book,
and after it arrived and was paid for, we got a notice that, (in TINY
print) we'd continue to receive the books as they were published
UNLESS we returned the notice with the "no thanks" box checked....
These companies must be trying to make money off of people by "sliding
by" instead of offering good buying habits.
Just my 2 cents vent!

Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
I received that too.  BUT, I watched it, passed it around to my friends, and
then tossed it.  I sent the "order form" back marked "NOT INTERESTED" in
their postage-paid envelope.  I've never heard another word!

Alice in PA
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Re: Fons & Porter DVD scam, sort of
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I got one too, and I didn't find it particularly useful either. I'm
sure I'll
never look at it again. I did intend to send it back, but the way
have been going around here, Lord knows where it is. They'll just
have to put me on  their deadbeat list I guess. Maybe that's a good


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