Fractured Crystals Quilt

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Does anyone know of a site that offers instructions for this quilt (I
saw it on HGTV Simply Quilts, but didn't think to pop a tape in the
vcr).  I've found several pictures of it, but no instructions.  Thanks
for the help.

Megan >^..^<

Re: Fractured Crystals Quilt
Megan, This should take you to the website, then do a search. /
Martha in IN

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Re: Fractured Crystals Quilt
Try going to the Simply Quilts site for instructions or a reference.

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Re: Fractured Crystals Quilt
I worked this pattern out in Electric Quilt.  If anyone wants a PDF
file with the quilt and the blocks, send me an e-mail.  Remember that
my e-mail address is spelled out in my sig line.


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Re: Fractured Crystals Quilt
Fractured Crystals will be reaired on Simply Quilts on Thursday, August 28th
in the afternoon.  Just an FYI.....

Alice in NJ
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Re: Fractured Crystals Quilt Pattern
If it's the one pictured here:,1789,HGTV_3299_1381721,00.html

it's a commercial, copyrighted pattern available for purchase here:


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