Help me find fabrics in these colours

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(For Polly: I found another way to show the colours! So I'm reposting my
question from the FB group)

OK, I'll be sewing a bit for a baby that is about to enter my family
(no, not my own!). The quilt I will totally decide everything myself -
gotta keep some control :-)

However, I was asked (and have agreed) to also sew a bit for the room,
and these are the kind of colours that they have asked for (sorry for
the long links):

And for the broader palette (although they asked for "not overly bright"):

Not my usual colours and so there seems to be nothing in my stash (how
that can be with boxes and boxes of fabric, I don't understand, but
there we are).

As I don't have any large LQS anywhere near, I'll probably end up
shopping online for this lot. To make sure that things go together (more
or less), I'd be extremely happy with a line. I'd really like one small
scale pattern (with animals or something, not abstract) for bigger
pieces, and then combine with a bunch of FQ for some appliques or
background for appliques or something.

So help me out: what kind of fabric am I looking for? Will 30's kind of
work? On the FB group there was a suggestion for batiks, but I think for
this, I'd prefer the softer handle of regular cotton.

Thanks - I know you guys can come up with something! (Not discounting
the advice I got the FB group, mind.)

Hanne in DK

Re: Help me find fabrics in these colours
A 30s line will definitely work, so would Moda Marbles, with its vast
range of colors. Although you might do well to find a print somewhere,
doesn't need to be a baby print because you don't have to use it in
your project. Just something that combines those colors in a nice way.
Then pay attention to the background and accents used in the print.
Here's the Hancocks of P site -have a look at the Amy Butler line, for
example. Or the Tradewinds. You can download the current catalog -lots
of ideas there! I also love the Perfect Pansy combination. And
Timeless Treasures Peewee Parade.
Roberta in D


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Re: Help me find fabrics in these colours
I  l o v e Makower fabrics and usually find that whatever I have chosen
from LQSs is Makower! Actually I usually get it by mail order from The
Tabbycat in the UK as if I order by midday it comes the next morning
which tends to be quicker than finding the time to drive to the nearest
LQS (15 miles) and then finding they haven't got what I want and then
going to the other shop about 25 miles away in the opposite direction.
Tabbycat seems to carry the full range of Spraytime (mottled solid) and
the childrens range is pretty good too, as is the animal range and the
seaside one. What I like about Makower is that whatever the colour it
always seems to blend well with the others - don't know how they do
that, it washes well and I have never had a run. It just feels good quality.

I seem to have rambled a bit!

Sally at the Seaside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uk

On 10/08/2012 08:46, Hanne in DK wrote:
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Re: Help me find fabrics in these colours
Gosh, those colors are so popular now that there's lots available in the

Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille has similar colors - aqua, pink, yellow,
orange, green....

Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner - orange, pink, aqua, greens, blues

Simply Color by V and Co. has prints in those colors and coordinating

Sunny Happy Skies by Bella Blvd is girly but has adorable prints with
stripes and some dots too.

As you poke around I'm sure you'll find even more that works with your


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Re: Help me find fabrics in these colours
Den 10-08-2012 09:46, Hanne in DK skrev:
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Well, thanks for all the suggestions - something for me to go look up!
Yeah :-)

Hanne in DK

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