Help... sewing diamonds

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Hi, I think I asked once before, but the stupid cells are taking over
my brain and I can't remember or find instructions. How do I piece
diamonds together? I'm going nuts trying to figure out a technique
that's something other than sew them together, take them apart and try
another smidge to one side or the other, sew together again, take
apart and try another tiny adjustment, sew together again......

I just can't figure out the exact measure or whatever I need to pin
them together and then sew. Any help?


Re: Help... sewing diamonds

Barely, Sunny.  I haven't 'done' diamonds but I enjoy studying  piecing
instructions.  Just, very vaguely, some of them  must be stitched Up To the
seam allowance and not one thread  further.   Sort of like the 'card trick'
procedure.  You need to know when you can go all the way to the cut edge and
when you have to 'whoa'.  Polly

"Sunny" <wrote> Hi, I think I asked once before, but the stupid cells are
taking over
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Re: Help... sewing diamonds

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You have to get really friendly with the 1/4" marks that are on a lot
of the quilting feet, from the various machine mfgrs. It is really all
about precision. "There ain't no faking it" when it comes to diamonds.
If you start and stop the needle position at exactly the 1/4" mark, it
should go fine. Pretty soon, you will become good enough at it that
you won't have to mark each piece with a marking of some kind. Or as
is sometimes said, Practice makes perfect. Sorry, there is no easy,
trick answer, to this one.


Re: Help... sewing diamonds

Sunny wrote:
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Perfect timing, I just went through this.  Take each diamond one at a
time, lay it face down, and using a ruler mark your quarter inch seam
line.  When you are ready to sew them together, stick a pin straight
down through the corner where the lines meet, and straight down through
the one you are sewing it to, making sure they line up properly.  While
they are lined up, pin as usual.  Mine turned out great thanks to
whoever it was on this group that told me to do that.  : )

Karen, Queen of Squishies

Re: Help... sewing diamonds

I hate pins. They're dangerous.

I actually have a lucite template I bought somewhere
 (here's a similar one from Judy Martin
- this is for a 45degree angle but they also make one for 60 degrees)

When I'm piecing diamonds (if I've speed cut them from a strip of
fabric), I always stack them up - around 8  - and line the template up
and chop off the offending point. It's those dog ears that make it
difficult. This way, the pieces not fit together perfectly, there is
no need for pinning, and the sewing them together is a breeze. And
you're not handling those sneaky bias edges for too long because there
is not need to adjust a little here, and pull a little there.

See how the corners of the template are shaped? That allows you to
match EXACTLY without having to adjust for the extra material in the
dog ears (because it ain't there).
If you have EQ, you can print out the rotary templates for any star or
block (again, diamond size doesn't matter) that has the degree angle
you're working on, and it will have those blunt edges.

This extra step takes WAY less time than pinning.

Hope that helps.
-Michele in NYC

Re: Help... sewing diamonds

not =  now    ....the pieces NOW fit together perfectly
not = no      ....NO need to adjust a little here

Sorry about that.

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