Installing walking foot?

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I have a new walking foot for my low-shank, old machine.  I can figure out
how to mount the walking foot onto the shank, but I can't figure out how to
get the lever (on the right facing the machine) over the needle-bar screw at
the same time.  The only video I have found is this one,

which I find confusing, and which appears to contradict the written
directions below it.  I have also found inquiries from other people trying
to get their walking foots to fit on their machines on stupid commercial
sites that don't provide an answer.

Any tips?  In the meantime, I'll keep trying (and will probably bend this
nice Scheck needle in the process).

Re: Installing walking foot?

Try moving the needle to the right if you can.  Also, it helps to take
the screw which holds the foot on out completely before you start..
After a couple of goes you'll wonder why it was hard.  Now you need to
try this on a Bernina (ask me how I know)..


Re: Installing walking foot?

Got it.  Thanks, Helen.  I think it helped to move the needle both left
*and* right during the process.  Removing the thumbscrew on the shank was,
indeed, necessary.  The trick that finally got it for me was to start with
the needle high while I got the presser foot under the needle while holding
up the lever, then lower the needle to get the lever over the needle screw.
I do think it will be easier next time.

Thanks again,

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Re: Installing walking foot?

Helen Howes wrote:
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I haven't yet got a walking foot for the Berninas...  Hm...  Looks like
there's a fun tine on the way!

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Re: Installing walking foot?

I've found that the trick to that is to sneak up on it......hold the foot
kind of diagonally (bottom of foot toward the right) and swivelled a bit so
that it's pointing a bit to the right....

Get just the tip of the shaft in the hole, then rotate the foot to get the
bar placed correctly by the screw.  Once that's on, straighten the foot up
and clip it on the shaft. :)


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Re: Installing walking foot?

On Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:22:57 -0500, Edna Pearl wrote

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It's probably best to take the needle clamp screw out completely.  Put on the
foot and then slip the needle clamp screw into the lever as you screw it back

I think these instructions won't make sense.  I could show you, but I'm
having trouble describing what I do.


Re: Installing walking foot?

Actually, that's a very good description, Maureen, and pretty much what I
ended up doing!  It's working fine, now.


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