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I just finished a table runner  after taking a class  called "finish and
fold" technique  by The Quilt Yard. If anyone has done this, I'd be
interested in what you think. It is a quilt as you go kind of thing. In it,
you use your blanket stitch to finish off seams where you have joined
together log sandwiches with batting in between. When you are done sewing
the logs together, you are all done.
Anyway, one of the reasons I wasn't real happy is I don't think I can adjust
my blanket stictch on my Janome 3500. Other brands of machines can, but I
just couldn't figure it out.  And I couldn't find it in my book anywhere.
Does anyone know?  If not, maybe I'll end up calling the dealer.
It looks good, great fabrics.

Helen in MN

Re: Janome question
Hi Helen ... I like that technique! :^)
It's a great way to use up my small batting scraps, for whatever I want to
turn them into. Alas, I've no Janome.

DeB Shaw
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Re: Janome question
Well, Helen.  I never saw anything you couldn't change the width on except
the lawnmower and some backsides. Don't you have some place where you can
over-ride the automatic setting for width?  Just got to be one. Maybe.

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Re: Janome question
  Have you asked Janome?

Good luck!

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Re: Janome question
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   I second this recommendation.  I have contacted them online several times
with problems and they ahve been *very* helpful!  My janome is a different
model than yours so I can't help you with your specific problem.  I CAN tell
you that you will get an answer back from Janome within 24 hours.  Each time I
have contacted them, they have responded quickly.
   Actually, the last time I e-mailed them with a question, someone PHONED me!
The woman was really nice and said it would be wayyyy to difficult to try and
expalin stuff in an e-mail.  I got on the ohone in my sewing room, got on the
sewing machine and the woman walked me through the solution to my problem.  Now
THAT is what I call customer service.
   What makes it even better is what happened later that week.  I get an
envelope from janome.  Inside is a small packet of 4 bobbins and a package of 4
needles.  FREE!!!  The cover letter from the woman who had helped me *thanked*
me for letting them be of service.  that goes wayyy beyond good customer
service!  I love my machine and now I love the Janome Customer Service people
too!!!  CiaoMeow >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary   >^;;^<    
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Re: Janome question
Hello there, I have a Janome decore 2018 and I didnt think I could sew a
hand quilted looking  button hole stitch as the advised foot was too wide.
So I use my clear wide  open toe foot. I feel my Janome is great value for
 trish in  Sydney ..   :)

Re: Janome question
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Would they be able to help out with older machines?
Mainly for accesory and parts availability.


Re: Janome question
I iwll send them an email right now.
I really like this machine- in the 4 yers I've had it, this is the first
thing that I haven't been pleased with. (sorry for ending the sentence with
a preposition, but I am not awake enough to figure out proper sentence
I'll let you all know the results.

Got another WIP pinned last night- will starting MQing it tonoght after
school shoppig with DS2

Helen in MN
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