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I just found that the new-to-me Kenmore 158.1400 has not bobbin case.
Sigh. Bobbins I have.

Does anyone know where I can get one, or is it possible that the
bobbin case from my old Singer 834 would work? What should I look for
if I try to swap them?

Any help is appreciated. My FW needs a good oiling, the Kenmore needs
a bobbin case, the only one I have up and running is my 3/4 sized
Hello Kitty Janome.

Ginger in CA

Re: Kenmore bobbin case
A while back I had a 1940's Pfaff that could not be repaired after dropping
and the bobbin case and bobbins fit the old singer and I didn't have a
problem sewing.
Barbara in FL

Re: Kenmore bobbin case
Ginger in CA wrote:
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These bobbin cases are standard and fairly easy to find, you might even
find one at your local Joann's. I'm sure that Sears has them or any
sewing machine repair shop will have one and they are usually very


Re: Kenmore bobbin case
I did stop by a local sewing machine shop on my way to dr appointment.
He had a bobbin case says should work, and told me to bring it back if
it doesn't. BTW he is an authorized Janome dealer, so I gently asked
about trade-ins, thinking maybe if he had a good deal I might consider
a simple Janome. He only sells new. Says he keeps the trade-ins for
parts ;( Oh, and he told me $60 to service my FW ;((

Ginger in CA.

On Nov 28, 2:02=A0pm, Judie in Penfield NY
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Re: Kenmore bobbin case
There's not much to do to service a FW provided the machine is sewing
just fine (the belt is fine and otherwise it needs no adjustments)  --
do you have the manual for the machine? Everything you need to do is
listed there.


On Fri, 28 Nov 2008 15:30:33 -0800 (PST), Ginger in CA

( Oh, and he told me $60 to service my FW ;((

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Re: Kenmore bobbin case
Okay, Ginger.  Here's what I think - and like my sainted little mama, the
facts will not sway my opinion.
    Kenmore = Sears.  Sears does not 'make' sewing machines (or washers,
dryers etc.)
    Very, very probably your new-to-you Kenmore SM is a Singer.
    Therefore, the Singer bobbin case will likely do just fine in the
Kenmore.  I think I'd sneak it in the SM, test it very gently by turning the
handwheel and see how the stitching goes.  You ought to be able to test it
like that without doing any harm.
    IMHO of course.  Polly

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Re: Kenmore bobbin case
I think the machine is from the 70s, maybe earlier. Don't know if
there is a way to get their manufacturing info, like sinder does.

Thanks, Polly, I will try that tomorrow. Just finished sewing for the
day, just now [after 10PM here]. Working on stuff for Ms Flutterby has
me gearing up to get going, so this Kenmore hopefully will go with me
to the retreat next weekend, and have a name by end of the weekend.

Ginger in CA

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Re: Kenmore bobbin case
Ginger in CA wrote:
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Most of the Kenmore models with the 158 prefix were manufactured by
either Jaguar or Jaguar Maruzen and the 1040's are 1972 - 1977. I
believe these are all Japanese machines and they are very nice machines,
I have a few here that will be looking for new homes.

If you want to know more about your machines you may want to check out
the yahoo group called vintagekenmoresewing. You can find quite a lot of
information and help there, and also I believe there is a manual you can


Re: Kenmore bobbin case
On Fri, 28 Nov 2008 22:25:42 -0800 (PST), Ginger in CA

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It's correct that Sears didn't build any of their own machines, even
from the start.    There were several different manufacturers.  The
different model number prefix indicate which one. the complete model
number which includes three digits before a period-that is the
supplier code.

For example if those first three digits are 340.XXXX, then it is
Necchi-built.  The earliest machines badged "Kenmore" were made by
White. These all bear "117." as their supplier code, followed by the
model number. Some of these were actually made by Gritzner-Kayser in
Germany when Sears wanted ZZ and White had none of their own to offer.

 Other manufacturers included Chrysler, through its New Process Gear
division. These have the supplier code Other series were, 149.xxxx, and 158.xxxxx This one, I believe, was made by
Jaguar, later called Maruzen. There have been others since.


Re: Kenmore bobbin case
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Since the Kenmore sewing machines have been made by Janome for the
last 15+ years you may even want to check with a dealer of Janome for
the replacement parts.  It has worked for me in the past.  juliasb

Re: Kenmore bobbin case
Okay.  Just this one time I'll let the facts affect my opinion but don't
expect me to be so easy-going all the time.  Polly

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