loose tension with walking foot

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I am sewing a bag that is a few layers, with laminated cotton as the outer
fabric. I am using a walking foot on my Baby Lock Natalie machine and the
thread tension is off. The top stitches look great but the bottom stitches
are really loose. I've tried tightening the thread tension and lowering
the walking foot but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?


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Re: loose tension with walking foot

You did not say what size needle you are using, so I will suggest a
size 16 needle.  Also try lightening up on the foot pressure.


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Re: loose tension with walking foot

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My first suggestion is to rethread the top with the presser foot UP, so
the thread can enter the upper tension properly.  Also remember to drop the
presser foot when starting to sew... that's a big problem for me on thick
fabrics, and then I get bottom loops.

The other two common problems I see with loops on the bottom are caused
by sewing with a thread too thick for the needle (thread should occupy
about 60% of the width of the eye), or not hanging on to the thread ends
when starting.


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